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I had to write this poem for our school Literary Magazine. It got editors choice so it must be good.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



I walk on thin ice, never know when it will break.

I walk on insanities bottomless lake.

My body is in the perfect form and shape,

But my mind is thinking the same as an ape. 

I’m becoming a monster I can’t control,

It feels as if I’m trapped in a dark hole.

My feet are freezing, my body is cold,

My mind is losing its perfect mold.

My eyes are wild, my mouth is strong,

I’m losing my sense of right and wrong.

God help me, I can’t survive this hell.

I feel like a turtle without its shell.

Soon It will dark and the moon will see,

How I am slowly losing my sanity.

Darkness is here, I’m losing my grip.

It seems I’m a captain without a ship.

I will still hold on for as long as I can,

But I’m more monster than I am man.

I see talking birds and flying mice.

But nothing is normal on thin ice.

I see people laughing and staring at me.

But I can’t trust the things I see.

Pain is the only thing I think and feel,

I can’t even tell what’s fake and what’s real.

I’m so cold and my mind has lost its wit.

I will kill someone and not give a shit.

Bad thoughts plague my mind.

All my senses are now blind.

This is the total and the price,

Of falling through the thin ice.

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