Life. When 4 words mean so much.

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a couple of words about life.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



Life. One single word that can be described in a different ways. What life means to you? What is the purpose of life? The answers can come out differently. Every person has a different point of view about life. No one is right, and so is wrong. Sometimes we feel like we're giving up our life, but don't you realize there's someone in other parts of the world who prays to god, beg Him on his/her knee to give them second chances when you just throw it away? Life isn't just about ourselves. Life isn't just about find a way to be succeed. It's all about happiness and our ability to learn from what we've been through. It's not always about take, but also give. It may sounds too cliche, but believe me these words will touch you in your heart, spinning in your head by the time you feel lost.


"Sometimes the question is easy, but the answer is complicated"-unknown

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