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About what my page is for.

Submitted: June 29, 2009

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Submitted: June 29, 2009



This Booksie page is for book reviews. If you want something reviewed, let me know! I am doing this to help you people writing books to get more viewers. Tell your friends about me and them to tell thier friends. I do no bad reviews. But I will not lie. If I don't like a book (which never happens because I love every genre) I will still write the review but I will put something like - If you like this kind of genre with this type of content, you will love this book.- I have read enough books on booksie to know that there are talented writers on here. Like I said no bad reviews.

You may be thinking, who does she think she is? She no famous author. What does she know about good writing!-Well I am NOT a famous author, I know this. What do I know about good writing? I know what I like and I know what to look for. But my reviews are not based off of what I like, its just to explain what the book is about and what type of book it is. Its to help the writers get more readers and readers to find books they might like. Thank you for reading this!


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