Clouds (From the Underworld)

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The storm of writers block

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011




So again today follows the underworld’s uprising

storm clouds coiling to Hades modern breath…...


There was midnight revolution in the cold current

as I slept-half under the city’s blanket

unaware that the atmospheric tomb was hung

with misty rain pillars all along the dark, mumbling

over desperate gale tones the secret language

of His kingdom (that I do not understand).


Thick blood clotted clouds awake outside-

eyes wide open in the wake of murderous daylight

with the weight of hindrance like broken stairs leading

blindly to my thunderous mind. Inside-

closed floodgates stacking thoughts for the torrent entropy

coming down; order cannot be preserved today.

And creation on this drenched page will not happen now

(or tomorrow) until forming expectation falls in proper judgement.


Take my sight

take my sense back

to the shadow throne!

But listen too; that

inspiration will return pages

and pages when light

meets the origin!


Let me give you the insight of acceptance

with shutters firmly closed-not to struggle

against the intolerable uprising, nothing will come

from the bare bones of resolution’s carcass.

Nothing. At. All.


So again today follows the underworld’s uprising

soft pen falling in resistance it’s met.

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