The "Internet'' Thing

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A story how internet affected my life past few days..

This ''Internet'' Thing

Hi I am a 16 years old, A'levels student and this is me telling how the internet has been so freaking me in the past few days, I know its odd, but I have noticed that I can use it without getting tired, like 12 hours without even eating anything, while there's a lot on my head about my studies.A friend of mine introduced me to this new 'fancy' thing called internet chatting about a month back, and its like sometimes when I get on it , I can't let go it until and unless my senses come back. The thing is, that I do realize that this thing has a adverse affect on my life and most importantly health,Sorry to say but I noticed my nightwear to be stained with the white liquid in the morning called orgasm nowadays. and im seriously pretty fucked up at this, I never in my entire life have ever even tried to masturbate but still I leave orgasm on my night pants. This online chat site has a lot of people from around the world, mostly talking horny, so kind of gets you engaged into this thing for a while, but what i discovered more is that,porn which I had left watching for a year or two, is something i tried to check out and is probably because of this obsession of fantasy sex, I also visited a link advertised by this chatting site, where i engaged into sex-flash games and disturbed my sleeping routine at night. My outdoor activities like running and other sports reduced to none because of this new engagement and I even don't behave normally i think, I feel ashamed to go to prayer because I know I have done something very wrong and seen and talked things I shouldn't ever have.I have several times decided not to turn back into this thing relating to sext-horny chat and porno games, but somehow I deceived my determination several times, I feel sorry for myself and I know I can leave this stuff. I also know that i can live perfectly well and even a thousand times better without masturbating or watching porn/sexting, but still the devil is a big asshole that ruined my last few days. I should know that the clock is ticking and what is passed may never return specially the time, even this time i engaged in writing this all, and the time you are employing to read this but I really really want to say that if there wouldn't be internet we wont be dying, i mean there are people who live without it, and the fact that the internet has changed so much these days, has alarmed my senses to wake up and become a man, i know there are people who are not into this stuff and maybe feeling that its something they could try but i would only tell, them DONT, its your life its your time dont waste it, spend it with your work, your family your parents , the people who care about you and first of all thank God, that you arent involved into this, and also salute your self determination for making you worthy of this.I believe in lessons, I learned mine.. maybe you could also extract the guidance and pave way for a better and cleaner future, like I plan to do now.

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Sun, December 11th, 2011 11:59pm

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