Heavenly Thoughts

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Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




Heavenly thoughts! Writing Mode;

Argh! more like Psychic Mode

Can't control it's wonders

Linked to Isaac Mendez

But i don't need crack to get into people's covert zone


Remove the hurts! Repudiate with the Worse

More like a curse but you stock with the good stuffs

Words emitting from my lips like an infinity land-line

Trying to please the world? Well that's a self-made curse

Hurts! Pains! Humiliation! Might be your gain

Noting much but enough to drive you insane

I hope i haven't submitted to the violent cold

that settles in the world

Well the truth hurts!


Affable words, thoughts in my mind to awaken the disabled souls

Eulogies to touch the sinister minded

Infatuation all over many soul it's like a covenant

You stuck with it for life

So you either get down! or you lay down!

Many individuals going dark-side playing left-wing to greed


Apprentice to evil deeds

Captured by the things of the world

Ready to live with guilts even cheat to win a bout

Infidelity strolling in families like an health inspector

Being offered soft drinks when it's should

be hurled out in distrust


Churches of today are like politics it's all campaign

Ministers fighting over offering boxes

I guess there is no trust

Like a bystander i observe the things that occur

Hope vacuumed from the world because of the deeds of humans.




The Truth Burns! More Like The Sun!


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