Diorama - Colony at The Mall

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Storing copy of old poetry here.

Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018




(Colony At The Mall)


Alexander Kern – copyrighted April 1985


*Source's Light Beings are Fireflies

(Read Dr. Michael Newton's book: "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls.")



Observe: The Mall is aswarm with Humans.

Take Note: it is the center of Social Life.

They're lured here by their hunger and desires,

Anxious drones, flexing their credit cards like Wings,

And working hard at looking good.


See how they move in clusters,

Shifting and weaving, an awesome

Assemblage, metamorphosing

Continuously. Some branch off

To enter stores, the Cells expel

Others to merge. Yes, one could feel

If one stood still, like the eye

In this hurricane of flesh, a

Great Directing and pulling Force,

Compelling against reason, against Will.


The sounds of their Voices

Blend and fuse into a meaningless

Cacophony, yet it is still a

Special kind of music Humans generate.

The crackling of bags, smacking sneakers.

Teens migrate in waves, engulfed in their giggles,

Everyone's legs pumping furiously. Where

Are they going – now, and at their ends?

Purchasing ardently, the things which can be purchased.


Oblivious to their contribution

To economy, to the strength and power

Of the Hive. They suck merchandise

Like nectar and spread gold

Like pollen. Hear their vocals rising

To the pocketed ceiling which

Collects and clings to them

Tenderly like petals. This bouquet


Of human essence sparks the arteries

Of aisles flowing. United they seek

The Queen of this comb of

One hundred stores, the Mouth Doors

Enticing them in, exhaling them out,

The Queen hidden, hidden like God.


After closing time, it's just benign,

A vacant Bi-Level Honeycomb

Exhausted of its true Power,

A lifeless Hive, bereft of the

Souls and their honey, Money.


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