Divine Disorder- Part III

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Remember at the time I was writing Divine Disorder, I did not have recollection of my Near Death Experiences. Once I remembered them, I became aware of Past, Present and Future Lives,
Possible/Probable Timelines, Life Between Lives, Pre-life discussions of Role-playing roles, filming the Life Movie, Taste-testing "Scenes" from the Life to be lived in a Incarnated body (namely
me) and rather unfortunately, I can see what is going on in the Astral and well as my current Life, which I see perfectly well - a real drag because it takes all the glory and mystery out of Life.
Programmed Prompts, et al, Karmic Intersections, et al. This Novelette precedes The Attempted Murder of The American Grammy - I assume my Soul tricked her way back IN here, because, as I
experienced my very own Self, I was murdered.

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