The Soul Train of Deception - Source's Attempted Slaughter of Humanity

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Here is what I felt I had to write today. And I mean every word of it. People should do and believe what they want and need to believe, what their Gut, what their conscience, what their beliefs tells them is true. This is only my Story. An honest Witness. When a person can see thier own Past, Present, Future, is able to recall Life Between Lives, What being a Soul is like, what God is the real God, Who and What Satan is, why Souls Incarnate, every last nasty secret of Source's Heaven, then, by God, there's a reason. I just don't know what it is.


The Soul Train of Deception - Source’s Attempted Slaughter of Humanity


By Alexander Guinevere Kern




****** Note - BIG note: This is NOT about Yahweh, or Jehovah, or Jesus!


Since 6-2006 until now, I have assiduously sought the answers to questions formed in my mind, due to the hellish events which exploded into my life at my previous address at Parksley Avenue.


When I was approached and tricked by a vicious astral, I thought he must be an Angel.  I KNEW NOTHING about the Occult Sciences, what Souls really were, or what they did. I’d never once been told God is called “The Source of All That Is.”  I was never taught Souls are here on Earth, indwelling innocent human infants, in order to take over our brains, take over our bodies, have an adventure, or do “Karma” or learn lessons.


I was taught there were no demons OR Satan. And of course, I bear witness, based upon real experiences - they most certainly exist.


Source’s Souls in Past Life Regression state firmly, “There is NO Satan, NO Jesus, NO Jehovah, NO demons. “That would violate the Sacred Life Contract!” Ha! Satan writes a lot of those contracts!


His name is Mordorin. Yep, and he’ll probably kill me for posting that right here on the Hell Internet System.  He’s a real piece of demon work. When your Soul leaves he chucks Astral Candy at them, or says, like Snidely Whiplash, “Did you have a nice time?” Or “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?”


What an ASS. Mordorin, you are an ASS. NO, I DID NOT HAVE A NICE TIME.


I already told you the name of the Satan - the Ultimate Satan. His plane is located right underneath Source’s Plane. So there! Kissing cousins! Of course “there is no Satan.” Right?


So I won’t mention his name again. Read my installment about him!


I was a standard issue Christian woman born the 1950s.  I was taught that when our body died, we are liberated by Christ’s finished work of the cross, return to “Heaven” to Jehovah and Jesus and not punished for our sins if we were/are repentant, confess and change our behavior.


We were taught our Souls were from Jehovah. Just Jehovah. Our bodies were not HOST BODIES, but Temples for Jehovah’s Holy Spirits.


Jehovah Himself said “every sin will be forgiven Man, except sins against the Holy Spirit.” (Sacred energy).


In my former neighborhood I knew only Christian or Jewish families. We all got along wonderfully. We grew up together. No one misbehaved - and the at-home Mothers made sure of that. NO Parents wanted to be judged by their child(ren’s) errors and negative behavior.  They all cared about their reputations and their religious conduct of love and caring toward one another. I was raised by the Greatest Generation and I thank GOD for that.


I was taught, and my friends and family members believed, our Souls came from YAHWEH, Jehovah. We were never told a word about some Source or that Souls were an independent, separate species from Man. That those Souls are taught that we Humans are “Host Bodies,” and “Host Vessels,” and “costumes” for a role-play on the Earth Plane, called The Earth Game. Souls in fact, refer to us as Monkeys in the Circus. I dare them to deny it.


I am a Seer of Yahweh. I have literally watched Souls rehearse scenes from their movie, lots of laughter, light, twirling ribbons, colorful energies - very imaginative scenarios.


But when I, a Human Being, actually experienced what they found so amusing, it was so awful, painful and shocking I nearly died.


Bug Thinking and Human Thinking are NOT near allied.


I see it ALL.

They are using us for a vacation form their boring school work, a role-play, a game.  For “Love and Light” manifestations of Source, why is it Mankind has not changed one iota in millions of years? I have personal experience with that - the moment no one is looking, the most congenial, kind, caring person on Earth will try shit - every time.  Souls generally have control of our thinking and behavior, even our bodies. So where is the LOVE?


It makes me ILL that some extra-terrestrial Intelligence had me mind-controlled in a situation called the “Set Up” for the Incarnated Life It wanted to “experience” on the Earth Game.  It makes me FURIOUS that most of my Life played out as my Soul Being wanted/needed it to be - for the sake of either “Lessons,” “Paying off Karma,” or exciting Adventures or all three.


Source’s Souls are not simply young up and coming actors and actresses, But screenwriters and camera operators and anything else that has to do with "Life" movies. When we were innocent babies in the womb we were indwelled by Insectoid Manifestations of a “Loving Source” - Source’s children, and programmed to do what they want.


If they were demons, we’d be “possessed.”


If they ‘owe Karma’ to some other Soul, from some interaction in some other Life, in some other Reality, another Religion, other Customs, other Forms, other Languages, other Times - they will choose on Earth a sick, weak, ill, powerless person like me to infest and take the Hell they gave some other Incarnated Soul, some other body, some other time, some other religion, some other race, culture, language, etc.


All of this is explained in other of my uploads.


It is horrible, horrible, horrible.


Now, it has come to my mind to continue on with describing the egregious, planned, well-arranged, and conceived manipulative and exploitation of Human Beings by “Souls” - that their lies about Heaven and It’s purposes on Earth are kept secret from the Human conscious/awareness so that they can have their “lessons without conscience.”


That makes them Animal Abusers, and the ones who “exit” via one of the first four Exit Points, are guilty of pre-meditated murder of an awake, conscious, living Being - humans. Their “Guides and Teachers” who taught them that is perfectly okay are just as guilty.


Souls are not just BUGS - and Source IS a Bug, an Immortal Bug, they tell me, but many Souls are very strictly described as Parasitoid. They are feeding off and sucking up our energy and life, until we are dead and therefore useless, as they are very, very far from the Source’s Light Energy system.  They are USING us as Avatars. The rest of their Mind’s Being is still at “Home” in the “Loving Light” sitting at computers in enormous Stations, watching everything we are doing and trying to “keep that Human on the Soul’s Life Plan Path.” They are healthy, vigorous, happy, no idea what loneliness or sadness, hunger or fear or suffering feels like. No idea.


They keep us going by whatever means necessary.  We are killed off if we Humans can’t be controlled, despite their mind control programming, or they get too far off the Soul’s path. Oh, trust me. I have described a well-known Mind Controller of Human Minds for the sake of Souls in my Intro, published first in my Booskie Line-up.


Souls used to go to him to get their programmed Karmic Intersections and Prompts for Activation installed in their buggy little heads. Duncan!


Pay Attention!


Souls in Past Life Regression state that it is Source, Itself, the Alleged God of All That Is, who will end a human life if It is not getting anything further or interesting or important out of that Human’s Life, as all Souls ARE Source.


Just ask them.


We are manipulated from Above.  Source’s Explorer Souls FOUND Earth and found an early form of Mankind which they felt would be excellent for an Incarnational Vehicle.


Souls are feeding off the Lives of Human Beings. They are taught that is okay. They are fed a load of crap from their Bug God about how important it is to Incarnate in a Human “Form” in order to show love toward one another. (What bunk! The nerve!)


Near Death Experiencer after Near Death Experiencer state that such “loving service to others” is all that matters. When they watch their Life Review Movie, their educational and career successes, their assembling of material goods, in fact, anything Mankind might consider a success or accomplishment means NOTHING.


They are to show love, be Love, Share Love, teach Love.


My life is one tragic event after another, until even plain old ordinary fellow Humans said “this is against all chance!”


If I told you everything which has happened to me, in order, you simply would not be able to believe it. Only an Intelligence could have planned such a “Life.” And that Intelligence had the power to bring that hell into my Life, my precious Life, not given to me by some Source Bug, but by Yahweh.


And if that Invading Intelligence happened to have been “evil?”


Source does NOT punish Evil, because the Evil Being is ALSO part of Itself.  Source says there is no good or evil, only Experiences. In other words, let the Strong survive, like a Survivor Contest.


Souls ofttimes WILL “plan such a life” as dreadful, heart-breaking and humiliating as mine in order to “pay back Karma.”


Karma has to do with “energy work.”  Energy is “the ability to do work.”


“I” - a human being from Earth was being punished, severely, in ways most people would NOT believe, and I was born with several inherited, severe illnesses. I am particularly devoid of even normal energy. I was to be kept powerless, weak and vulnerable, a sensitive and sentimental child, so I could be hurt profoundly and could not even defend myself. Situation after situation arose until I became rather suspicious. Bad luck just would not explain any of it.


Now I know the truth. A hostile, invasive, generally Immortal, Immoral extra-terrestrial Insectoid Entity, a “Source Soul,” who was taught It is a Child of God, who must incarnate in various Forms in order to learn lessons and to make up “Karma” had chosen me for precisely those reasons. I could not fight back. She ‘paid off her bad Karma’ by destroying my life and will to live.


Even a few friends, dates, occasions, fun times, over the last 23 years would have saved my sanity, my mental health, my LIFE.


How is it possible, that for 365 days per year, for 23 years, NOT ONE Soul-infested person wanted to have a social conversation, a casual date, to hang out and have dinner, see a play, hear a concert somewhere? To celebrate my birthday or to celebrate one of theirs, or to share celebration for any reason? To enjoy “Netflix and chill,” to have coffee with every morning? To laugh until it hurts? To share hilarious stories, or even to share one of life’s many sorrows and be comforted, one to another?  I had that until 1997!


Not. One. Person. Since. Then.


They turned me into Eleanor Rigby - despite the fact I was attractive until three years ago, I belonged to an active church until the ex-military monsters and their Vested Interests’ torture techniques and tech left me bed-bound, to keep me in one location, so they could “experiment” on me, as Souls are taught can be done when the “Human is no longer viable or useful.” Yes, they do. Yes, they do. Yeah, they DO.


And, by the by, they can do this From The Astral. How would we ever know?


Is that the sort of LOVE Source is teaching Itself, via Souls?


I know demons who can love you better than that!


7 BILLION incarnated “Souls” from “Love and Light” cannot come up with one or two people to be friends with, date, socialize with, or even be a Life Support for the gal who used to be characterized as the most liked employee in my former place of business?


If you are an infant or child, with a full Life Contract, and your Soul has not yet learned all of It’s lessons and your life is in danger or you have been involved in a terrible accident, did you know Source’s Souls can assume a Human Body long enough to get you out of that situation until the ambulance arrives? Especially if you are a person who is vital to the Soul Family story? They do it routinely.


And since I was on Disability, owned my own home (no mortgage investment), a financial drain on the Government (Medicare, SSDI), no husband, no children in need of a Mother anymore, I was slated to be used for experimentation.


Yes, that is the Love and Light of Source, who feeds Itself off the adventures of Its children, themselves Parasites who feed off their Chosen, Innocent, Unaware Hosts, the Children of God, Humanity.


Do not be deceived. Even Jesus said, “On Earth you will have trouble.”


Please, please, please, please consider Yahweh and Jesus and study Judaism or Christianity. Give Him a chance. Please - that Soul has shown that He not only created Mankind and the Entire Universe!, He puts up with us and endures our neglect of His feelings and need to feel loved by His Creations.


He’s more like most Humans. Not a danged Insect!


He answers prayers. He hears them. He is still speaking.


He still loves us and I cannot imagine WHY.


His ancient laws seem Draconian and some of them were rescinded. We change, He changes. But in general, by the Witness of my Life, I know EXACTLY what He was trying to prevent.  Since we did not listen, now  a lot of us have become what he feared we would become.  I, myself, am one sad sinner. No lie, I failed at Life because I do not know how to be a successful human being!  I'm a Good person. That's all I can say.


I could go on and on and on how dangerous The Internet is to our children. That YouTube Kids stuff is the Devil’s playground and the parents of those kids are making millions per year.


Will it kill you to at least read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible?


Love you all. I expect Mister Mordorin will exterminate me in due course.


~Guinevere So Sick of Source’s S*** Life It Gave Me





Submitted: October 24, 2021

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