To The Great Architect of My Heart

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 18, 2019

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Submitted: February 18, 2019



Letter to the Architect - Of My Heart


By Alexander Guinevere Kern



On a Sunday, the 17th, <—Blessed Father, one of Your clever numerical insertions in the Holy Bible, which will automatically put God Light in my Chakras, according to my Saintly Soul, born March 17th, 1955 - St. Patrick’s Day, 17, 1955, at 5:55 a.m. (Stewart Swerdlow says number 5 represents the Christ Frequency) -  found Herself overcome with love for You and thus moved me to report, in English Helvetica text, on this curious device of the Devil’s own devising.


Which tickles me, as it reminds that Old Satan, I can use it to praise YOU and spread the Love across the globe. 


Yahweh, I am but a Dense and Vacant-Headed Grammy, yet I do revere YOU.


And my Soul put me up to this, so please forgive if I fail to make the proper connection to the Divine.


Come on, You know I love you. Everyone knows I am smitten.


I am NOT alone in this powerful emotional response to Your Holy Name.


Yet, I have seen, in the way Seers do, that in two or three Generations, You will have been back-burnered to a Myth, or a Rumor.  The Newer Generations will not find you relatable or relevant, in their new Version of Earth Reality.  Soon, I suppose, they will not be able to tell their 3D VR Role-playing Super Hyper Realistic Video Games from their own human life. Technology will give them all they can create and desire, but it will never give them Love.


Just like Satan.


They like non-demoniational churches, which is fine. As for me, I need Communion, as there is a warm, welcoming, invitation and a remembrance. Communion: My Father is IN me, as I am IN you. Be in communion with us. (TALK TO US!)


When I started "seeking for Jesus" I truly believed the scripture which stated, "Seek me and you will find me. Knock and the door will be opened."


The Door is a Portal in your MIND.


I was overcome when I realized I had, indeed, found Him.


Be advised, this is not easy work and be prepared for what you will experience.


The Ancient Hebrews conceived of Seers like your penitent Scribe, not as “Psychics” or “Clairvoyant mediums” or “Fortune Tellers” but instead persons whom God granted insight in a greater quantity than He bestowed on other people.


While my Near Death Experiences permit me to view and suggest various Timeline Options regarding the future as it relates to Mankind’s Reality, I can be very wrong in my predictions. 


I am NOT a prophet. The Holy Bible states Prophecy ended with John (the Baptist).


1 Corinthians 13:8-13 New International Version (NIV)

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.


Only You, God know the future.  Period.


And the Timing of Your Returning - soon, please.


No, today I speak to You concerning a recent event, of which I have written to my Friends on Facebook. Those Friends are quite tolerant - however I suspect they do not believe me. Goofy Grammy, always rattling on about whatever.  My Grandchildren smile sweetly and indulgently.  


Oh, well.


As You are aware, probably being the Author of It, the following Weirdness occurred (yes, it really did):


As was recently written on the Electronic Scripture of Facebook:


***  I was given an Experience last night, never have I had one like this! And I am a triple NDEr, so that is really saying something! I went up a long flight of stairs (I often see going UP or down dimensional planes as "stairs") - someone took me up. I was MYSELF, in a Form! My Grand-daughter was there and seemed shocked and delighted to see me! She was dressed in a pink dress party dress with a pink bow in her hair! She took me around. MANY Souls came over, aghast that a HUMAN was in their midst! A Guide was with me. My Grand-daughter showed me her job and explained it. (Everyone has one - this is a GOVERNMENT) and I was freaking out at the things they told me. I was SO HAPPY. I talked to some dear ones. I could not believe the beauty of the SOULS. This is not the "Light up the Tunnel" experience. Some of the Beings seemed taken aback. I said, "Let me go get some people to bring up here" - and they said, "Sure! Go get them!" I ran down the stairs and grabbed people *in the street* and some people I know here. They did not believe me! Sometimes the planes are so close, we can GO UP and visit them! So I took people up and down. I have never heard so many people freaking out to see their Loved Ones they were screaming and crying with HAPPINESS. They were like me! In shock! The Guide said, after a while, "Go tell what you have seen." I ran around down here, shouting, "They are not far away!!! It is like they are in the upper floor of a five bedroom HOUSE!!! They are just doing the same stuff WE do! Nobody has changed!" My Guide said, "Sometimes we take them up on the Elevator, so they can see what you are now seeing!" I could not be more serious! This happened to me! I am tickled, and a bit freaked out still!


So, thank you, God. That was awesome.


I think about You all the time now.  At the moment, I am laboring away on a painting of You (even though You said The Face of God must not be seen) and Jesus Christ with me, a petite little Being, in the middle.  My Soul commanded I place a diamond tiara on her head.


You love diamonds.  You believe Diamond Souls, pure of any fractures, feathers, carbon spots (darn humans), discolorations, can only be created under the severe pressures of Earth, just as genuine diamonds are.


I downloaded your YHVH Name in Light through my Crown Chakra as Stewart Swerdlow teaches - and the Energy of Light build a Diamond around me. Man, was *I* surprised! The Diamond was, alas, not entirely completed.


I hope You both are holding me up, for this is not an easy Divine Chronicle to compose.


As I prepared for this painting, I sketched my general composition first.


While I was painting . . . I experienced a sudden downloaded Weirdness Vision.  


Naturally.  I feel like Hildegard von Bingen.  Sort of.  I shall be 64 soon, Yahweh. Consider it as a new assignment.  


I “remembered” and saw my painting was more of a “Go see Him,” since Jesus does appear to be signaling that I should get closer to You.


You’re an Albino, just like I always said. Most of our people are.


At last, I have my own People. I felt settled in my Spirit and had peace.


Know that no Jewish person living is without His Spirit in your body. 


Because, in the previous Timeline - a perfect copy of this one I am repeating (surely an NDE quirk or one of Satan’s pirated Akashic copies), I “see” I died in a car wreck on a trip to Las Vegas to meet my boyfriend’s parents. In fact, it was one of those programmed Option Outs, and I can clairvoyantly view everything that happened.  I was distraught.


I recognized the young man in the Vision AND his Soul Being, who actually came To take me Home to YOU, if that was what I wanted. I also saw the Option to NOT go Home with him. I wish I had not taken it.   What the human/boyfriend/young fellow said to me was this: “I am going to take you Home to meet my parents in Las Vegas.”


And a glorious show it was.


So there I was, as I see clearly through the Glass Portal, standing in a long line of young High School age Albino Beings, wearing white, and very nervous.


Here on Earth I presumed I was some Ancient Soul, full of Glory Light, singing your praises and doing Good Deeds and decrying the Devil’s Devices and breaking up the Works of the Devil -


And I am just another Teenage student.


Well, that’s embarrassing, Father.  Tough tootsie, there I was.


Finally I had to stand before You.  You were wonderfully . . . handsome and wreathed in White Light and quite kind, if stern and intimidating. You taught me something about using the Gold Rings, which, as I have stated repeatedly, really Do vibrate and orbit around Your right arm.


Because He really WILL uphold you with His Right Hand of Power.


And He is the True Power Provider!




When I was in serious straits at my home in Baltimore, I prayed to Source, as the New Agers told me Source is God and All That Is and is our Loving Source. Source neither helped me, nor explained what frightful things were being done to my Form and Spirit.


Where were Source's Angels and reputed Spirit Guides? How could they allow such a barrage of nightmarish demon oppression intersect with my Life Plan and ruin it.


Finally I tried a tactic - I know how to summon help from Yahweh, so I circled Your Name in the bible and called you. The demons screamed: "She is calling the Maker!" and fled.


Well, that settled that. Yahweh would help me, a baptized Christian and indeed, the demons trembled at Your very name. There will never be a doubt in MY mind, just who commanded respect around there.


Source floated around in Bliss, spreading Light and caring nothing for a poor, old Grammy, ill and drugged by too much medication, no visitations, no conversation, no friendship despite repeated attempts, wrong diagnoses, wrong meds.


Yahweh is the Maker of Heaven/Earth. Seek Him with a clean Heart and you will find Him.


He really WILL help you.  Then you have a wireless connection.


During this Vision, You pointed out some of my educational deficiencies and my Teacher arrived with a large pure-white book, like a wedding or photo album. At least while the two of you were examining my scholastic history, You and he were smiling.


I musta done something good.


Why must Guides (even Incredibly Disappearing Ones) always have long hair and wear gowns or Greek togas? Am I missing a meaning?


Before I left You handed me some charms, meant to represent symbols I no longer remember. You and all those Angelics and generally Holy Beings speak in a language of Concepts, represented by Images, Totems, Archetypes, Thought-form Hieroglyphics.  For YOU Beings, one Image appears to convey multiple meanings and much data. 


So over Your Wonderful, Imaginative Head, a tall, cylindrical Golden Crown floated.


No gravity, I see, in your Realm. Floating is only an Option, though.


I wandered around some sort of walkway, passing by other White Light Beings in white robes. Many waved and said hello.  Beautiful, friendly Albinos. Most of them were blondes or had white hair like our very own Ancient of Days. All I ever beheld were Beings in white garb. A little bit visually disorienting and sartorially benign. 


I was in an unfathomably large building. In fact, I walked up one of the sides of a structure and strolled out onto a large beam.  Someone hollered at me not to fall off.  Probably a flying buttress.


A Being talked to me about what they were building. This place was mammoth, like being inside a gigantic cathedral. 


At last I was told to go see another Teacher. I remember flying down to see him, another Being of Light. Apparently I needed remedial Math or summat.


Whilst I sat here, in front of my canvas, astonished at this Vision, a Being said, “You saw the Architect of the Universe. He is always constructing something.”


I about pitched over.


While You have often been characterized as such, no one from Source has ever been described in that manner.


And ITS Beings of Light are alleged to be many and varied colorful vibrations, depending on their learning or accomplishments.


All we received from Your Holy Closet were white gowns. Go figure.


Despite the fabrications, Satan is NOT the Architect of the Universe, although he likes to fake it until he makes it. Won’t happen, Goat Shoes.


So there, as my Aunt Ruth would say.


YOU are very intimidating, God.  But lovable.


And THAT has been my problem all along.


You are still adored here on Earth, believe it.


But during my NDE it was implied that here on Earth, they will forget You or relegate You, Our Maker, to the Mythos Contingent along with the Greek gods and so on.


I was enraged.


Mankind You created!  Earth belongs to You. Do something!


He is always creating.


Some Spiritual Beings call him The Spinner.


Looking over the essential code of creation and Sacred Geometry and all those Fibonacci Sequence weirdness and there You are. 


“Thoughts spin out of His Mind.”


I hear you in the music of the spheres; I see Your Love of Spirals as the Solar System winds and unwinds . . . I see Your perfect handiwork all around me, all the time.


And all the glory was in Your eyes. Light poured out of them, rays of Light. 


You created everything, everything, everything, out of your Mind, your Imagination.


Mathematician, Physicist, Artist, Alchemist, Astronomer, Architect, and Whatever You Will Become.


I failed Algebra TWICE. Just a between-you-and-me Confession.


I felt a bit . . . like a chip of dust on a dust mote in a sunbeam, as someone said.


I remembered many details of my existence. It feels like I have been on Earth forever. That is due to the fact our “school” is very near to Earth. There is no reason to go HOME, when you are expected to come up with a new Lesson Plan for the next Incarnation and be slammed back into an unknowing fetus, in Grades Pre-School through 12. I hear there are diplomas.  Once you graduate, you are allowed to go Home.


I have never seen any sheepskin. I understand You give us “Missions.” 


Alas, The Earth Game is an Invention of the Devil, so he can lure unwary Aliens and Beings of Unknown Sources and Origins to “play the Earth Game” and that Humans are “available Forms” they can wear to engage in this Virtual Reality.


You NEVER meant for Earth to be a Game for bored Souls and Spiritual Beings from God-Only-Knows-Where.


Those Souls want an *adventure* and create their entire Life Plan with lesson objectives woven throughout and Karmic Intersections, etc.


Souls in Past Life Hypnotic Regression insist there is NO Satan, Jehovah, Angels, Devils, Demons and Source created everything, IT is the One, the All, the Everything. Many times I have reminded my readers, Yahweh, that those hypnotized Human Beings are mouthing mind-controlled Bull, (if YOU will pardon the expression) from their subconscious, which is HOW Human Programmers access the Human Mind.


People should check out the Wikipedia Article on Unethical Human Experimentation in the United States. That should serive to concentrate out minds wonderfully.


Those Soul Beings and their “Master Teachers” call us “Host Bodies.”


YOU said, “Your body is a TEMPLE for MY INDWELLING SPIRIT.”


Souls from Source are asked “how the body helped or hindered them in their pursuit of lessons.”


At 1926 Parksley Avenue, Baltimore, MD, my former home, Occultist human beings and their bevy of demons tried to demolish YOUR Temple and blast my poor Soul into particles. I bear witness to this atrocity as Truth.


Source says there are NO demons.


Said a Great Big Demon Liar and Murderer and I have been Its victim.


They don’t know what I know: The Third Temple as described by Ezekiel is in the Astral Planes, designed and built as a representation of the Human Body. As described in The Bible, in the center is a sign: "Jehovah is THERE."


Occultists know damn well Jehovah’s energy is in me. ALL BLACK MAGICIANS from Time Immemorial open their rites and rituals with endless praises to YOU, by Name, (Jehovah) and many other of Your Known Names.  (Adonai, Elohim) And they did it to me, anyway. They ripped my sacral core. They violated YOUR TEMPLE.


I place YOU between me and them.


Apparently, YOU aren’t making bodies anymore, since most of us are enduring endless illnesses and diseases.  Please come back. So many of us highly regard and need you to return. We expect you to come back.


Just please be careful. Crazy people have nuclear weapons here.


I used to call our people Nuclear Angels. Let them sit on THAT for a while.


And the people in hypnosis pass on the Devil’s propaganda quite effectively. People love to hear how “Love Is All There Is” and “Love Is The Only Thing That’s Real.”


While they are suffering “the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune” and other deformations of the Devil. 


You said, “Peace, peace, but there is no peace.”


Now Satan has the Internet until their minds are overloaded with streams of data Chaos, and endless amusements, which mental images and emotional thought energy explodes into the Astral and human beings walk around in a permanent state of Hallucination. It is all over but the cryin’.


You do not deserve to be forgotten. Already Young Earth Beings are exposed to the idea that relationships develop over the Internet, through expensive devices by which they speak and text - and pick up dates on sites such as TINDER. They feel powerful, “swiping” away fellow humans who do not catch their admiration, reducing them to trivial undesirables.  The thrill of power, very seductive.  Then they “hook up” and  . . . well, I don’t want to soil Your Pure Mind with the likely denouement of those “intersections.”


Now there are too many Gender Options for my taste, and those many gender options sometimes include available and approved surgical mutilations of their sacred Forms - none of which will bring them pleasure in their Senior Age.  They’ll be lonely and old and undesirable like all the rest of us.  Minus essential parts.  Children as young as five years old are allowed and encouraged to be “trans” and their parents trumpet it all over the Internet.  Any new and exciting idea enthralls them.  Wait until those surgically mutilated young adults turn 40 and realize they were duped when they were too young to even comprehend the concept of gender identity. You cannot re-attach those “parts,” my Friends. 


Parents and Schools even have Drag Queens reading Bedtime Stories to first graders, which only an attempt to normalize what is abnormal and presents an Aberration as an Option to be considered.  After School Satan Clubs?


I have had it, I tell you.


Young Folks are not enamored of the idea of marriage, or even of parenthood, not that I was an exemplary student of either concept. I did try, at least.


One gentleman in his 20s was shocked when I explained to him how dating worked “back in my day.”


He said, “I have never gone on a “date.” I just pick up women on dating apps.”




Grammy does not wish to know about APPS.


I love You, Yahweh, but something must be done.


You were wonderfully brilliant when You were young, as my Ancient Self recalls.


We watched you from another Sphere, growing. Souls are born and evolve. You created Yourself.  Somewhat unusual. Suffused we were, with amazement and wonder at your facile intelligence and the glory pouring out of your Mind, your expanding creative impulse.


I see You rising up on a cloud, and we were sending you waves of Love, Love, Love.


We said to one another in gratitude, “THAT One will create UNIVERSES.”


And You did, and more still, and even more will You create.


Because you are always building something fantastic, logical, scientific, rational - beautiful. You are NOT New Age/New Thought/Ascension dogma/Spiritual Revolution. My ancestors, going back to the 1500s, lived into their 80s and 90s. Some had twenty children, who all lived into adulthood. Their butts were in Your Church every Sunday. Without electricity or running water, simple Farmers, they survived. You blessed them.


We were composite deities of some sort. You were the answer to our Dream. You were deeply needed and wanted and hoped for - imagine OUR thrill to see You appear and begin working, creating- and what you create, you love without condition, showing mercy even to the unfaithful and the wicked. 


YOU were not expected.  And Joy, Joy, Joy was in our Minds.


And I, Grammy, Miss Nobody From Nowhere, love You, too.


I saw, in that Vision above reported, You were STILL BUILDING.


“Tear down this Temple and I will rebuild it in Three Days.”


Love, Guinevere Your Woeful Student














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