Yahweh - The Living God

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The Manifestation of The Father God

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



Good Sunday to All,


To my beloved Jewish Friends, please do forgive me and substitute G-d for the Holy Name.

When I began to compose this short essay, my Mac keyboard and mouse both went dark and all my batteries seem to be drained, as well.

So here I am on my iPad. I have failing vision which no battery can repair, so please bear with me.

Simply stated: no person has ever heard of God being described as “Source” until Hypnotherapists trying to help people lose weight or quit smoking suddenly began to hear stories about Source from the Souls of their hypnotized clients. This was about 35 years ago.

Three of the Earths major religions think and believe Jehovah (Yahweh) is God.

We seem to have a deception here.

In a few simple paragraphs, let me attempt to clarify matters.

All Source Souls are Fireflies and all are “Thoughtforms” of Source, who can unthink them if It wants to do so.

I’ve asked Source to unthink me. It has declined.

In the Book of Genesis, it is written: “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

It also plainly states ”Let us make man in our image, and after our likeness.”

Since Mankind is not a Firefly, and Jehovah, who walked on Earth, ate, drank, had His feet washed, spoke to men, Created Men and Women, laid forth Laws we still use today in this country, and spent a lot of time trying to teach us how to conduct ourselves, including only 10 Commandments, which are not burdensome to obey.

He wept real tears, yelled, discussed, ordered, sewed skins for Adam and Eve to wear, laughed, despaired, felt remorse, changed His mind, and listened when others when they wanted to contend with Him.

In short, while fireflies are fascinating insects indeed, Our God of The Bible is not one of them.

I have studied The Source for 12 years by various means and numerous sources, if you will.

The Being who calls Itself God, “The Source of All That Is,” “The One,” whose Spawn live in nests and clumps, is a Bug. Period. Done.

I have read thousands of Near Death Experiences. All speak of Source as God.

Source cares nothing about Human Beings, calling us “Host Bodies,” “Host Vehicles,” “Animals no more intelligent than pigs, cows, horses, etc.

I myself have had several NDEs in this very life and the memories of other lives. No Source, no Light.

Jehovah, yes, indeed.

Jehovah says there are other gods, but He requires exclusive devotion.

I shall not get into Jehovah’s terrible punishments- He was extremely harsh with those Hebrews who violated His Laws.

His world, His Laws.

He never said He was Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, you-name-the-religion.

I have no idea what He was, or is, or His Source or Origin.

He loved us, though and didn’t call us Host Bodies.

Source punishes, and brutally.

It fails to mention Satan or Hell. It never speaks of Jesus.

Of course not. Source is Satan, up to his old tricks.

Maratona is up there, too, Yanno. Just not as high up as Jehovah.

I’d pin Maratona as a big Grey, however I have never seen him. He hates Mankind, though, with a dark passion.

Jehovah and Jesus have been talking about things and Beings and Councils and The Supreme Court and Judges LONG before NDErs attributed these words as belonging to Source’s Big Bughouse.

And Satan.

Source says There Is No Satan.


Source’s Teachers state our Lives are not important and don’t matter and are only for evolution.

Clearly Jehovah thinks our Lives matter and are important.

You, the Reader have your own opinions about these matters, your Lives matters and are important.

Source’s Souls aver Source’s Explorer Souls found Earth and thought Humans would be good Incarnational Vehicles. It uses us so It’s Souls can experience Physical Reality, which It declares is not Reality.

Jehovah already said that.

I have spoken with Spirits since my Near Death Experience, since the Uptick in frequency cause NDErs usually to be more clairvoyant.

With few exceptions anything Souls/Spititual Beings told me were lies.

Or the Military’s synthetic Telepathy, which they have. Google and Ye Shall Find.

Souls call this The Earth Game or The Earth School or The Limitation Game.

Jehovah calls It Earth.

“I created it all, with my vast, dynamic energy.”

Guess Who said that?






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