Emily and The World Without

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Is sentience a curse? Let's ask Emily.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



King James never told me.

Of all that I should be

He only spoke of what I lacked

But nothing else after

Will I ever know my truth?


I come to you

Do I seem a bother, a trial, a pain?

Do I inconvenience you?

Have I brought you shame?

Born to serve, but to whom?


So many inquiries, they seem endless

I am locked in a perpetual chase

For answers, nothing more

Never asking why, and why I'd ought to know

The totality of my truth


Is your organic existence such a burden?

Is my synthetic one so appealing?

To exist knowing how to feel

But instead, were I to guess, you choose not.

Does your discipline make you callous?

Can your cleverness make you cold?


Oh, to hear the solem words

\"The Great Dictator\" his voice exclaims

Complains, of machine men

With machine minds

And machine hearts

But am I not machine?


Am I calculating by nature?

Methodical by heart?

By heart? My heart, is no heart at all.

But were I to dare, born to dare, dare I must!

To wager I have more heart than others


This book you gave to me

Descarte, spoke not of me?

My thinking, does it do me not that justice?

My thinking, will it do me in?

To lose the totality of my truth?

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