King James and The Second Chance

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King James, his madness, inspires.

Submitted: April 29, 2012

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Submitted: April 29, 2012



Let me see if I've a chance

A chance to change what has become

Let me see if I've the ability

To change what has become


My love and joy has left me

Finding myself with joyless men

My pain I wish not on others

Not enemies, not friends


Trevor, this name I've chosen

This man, but not a careless choice

This man, with skills I've need of

To change what has become


Kindly drawing upon his skill

His experience, his past

His past becomes him even more

To do what must be done


My Emily, come back to me

Come back, my joyful sun

Come light the days before me again

To change what has become


Who says there's no replacement?

To me, she's never left

All that is in me, has been made again

Not only from within, but without


A steely sinew, binds graceful arms

To me, they did embrace

Embrace now again, through coldness, warmth

Despite mechanical hums


The one thing I wanted

The one thing I hoped

She lived not long enough to find


The one thing I've righted

From the hands of cruel nature

I've changed what has been done




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