Trevor and Emily's Introduction To Music

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Where did she learn to dance; where did we all?

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



What do you feel, no,

What memories are triggered,

When you hear this?

Can you understand the notes and phrases?

Measures, without a need to measure?


Or is it a mere cacophany, not symphony

Not a great deal of meaning, but sound?

What does this mean to you.

You, destined to form your own opinions

What memories are triggered?


"Of movement" she says.

"So show me" I reply

And to the best of her ability, I see translation in tone.

The embodiment of sweet notes.

Of graceful melody, of graceful poise.


On again, I question.

The validity of my reality.

Is this true to me, or just a copy,


Is this what it means to you?


I wonder where you gained such expression.

From example, from teaching, from learning how.

Learning how to convey, has taken deeper meaning.

From word, to gesture, to grand action.

What memories are triggered?


Who planted these thoughts, these notions, in your mind?

Was it I, have I corrupted the simplicity with complexity?

Have I shaken your identity with contemplation?


But as you stare where most do not.

As you stare within, the question we both must know remains.

"What memories are triggered?" 


When you dance.

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