Trevor and King James

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Meeting the man who changed the idea of sentience.

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



Some will try to stop you

Let this be a warning

Some will try to undo all we've done

Let this be a note of caution

This is the investment of my being


A being

Not some simple simulation

An automaton, only in the sinews

The synthetic nerve endings ensnared

In a form of artificiality


And more, so much so

So much is she the next tide

The new stride, the advent

The evolved, by true design I claim

This is the investment of my being


Let her be my replacement

Will you instruct her?

Will you, so versed in the ways of the living,

Instead, educate that which does not?

What is living after all?


Is it the expression of oneself

In myriad ways

Can that which has been created therefore

Create in turn?

Create, from the investment of my being?


It's only because they don't understand

But many approach, as many often do.

In their wild curiosity, they question, they wonder, they doubt.

Do we have a monopoly on divinity?

Are we building on a heavenly scale


Machine, machine, be not a dream

Be no machine anymore

Your complexities, evidently

Have turned the tide of this war.

This battle, this schism, this question of self.


Fear not her presence, Trevor. For that sake, fear not your own.

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