Trevor and The Empty Space

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Whatever happened to Trevor and Natalie Falk?

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012



Will I reach again?

Will I grasp the hand that grasps mine?

The hand, now lost with the hand that held it.

Will I reach out to find her spirit?


Will I see again?

Through this eye, where her light shined

The eye, lost now to her sight

Her sight, gone from mine?


Why did I make that turn?

That frantic lane, I turned

Turned about, rolled and slouched 

Flattened beneath so much weight.


Without my reach

With half my sight

Had I the strength to save her? 

Or the judgment, now too late.


Is any emotion willingly had?

Can love be felt in any case?

If not, did I betray her?

If not, did she send her?

If only to take her place.


Am I merely human after all?

Merely bound by the chemicals and impulses?

Why do they hold sway?

As I ambition to control them.

This new love, seeks to cast it away.



© Copyright 2018 Rey Fawkes. All rights reserved.

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