*The girl they judge*

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Wrote this on a pretty dark day. Bullying is wrong!

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



Why try when it doesn't even matter.

Nothing will ever phase you,

in your eyes she always be a failer.

Why try when it all ends in a fight, you're to short tempered for her to even say hi.

It's so hard to breathe when the weight of your words crash down on her,

they cut a lot deeper than you think.

Why try, you'll never change,

things will always be the same.

While you yell and curse she can tell it's going to e one of "those" nights.

One of those sleepless nights where she cries to the point tears won't fall anymore.

Why try, this is her life,

but why is this something she has to get used to?

What's wrong with society these days?

Who says chubby can't be beautiful?

Who says acne is not acceptable?

Who sets these so called standards we strive to live by?

Take a stand!

Stop bullying, stop pretending you don't notice.

That girl who everyone picks on needs you.

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