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Love changes people, for good or bad. It's the unlucky ones who experience the bad changes.

Submitted: February 13, 2008

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Submitted: February 13, 2008



When I met Dave, I was happy. My curent relationship was great, I had a straight A average and I had been recently promoted in my job. He is such a great person that we instantly became friends. He would make me laugh so hard that my cheek bones and my chest would hurt by the end of the day. Slowly I began to wish that he would become more than just my friend.

To my suprise, my boyfriend broke up with in the summer. He claimed that it was because he felt nothing for me anymore. After only a few hours of feeling sad, I picked up the phone and called Dave. He called all of our mutual friends and we got togther. For the remainder of the vacations, the two of us were together; our friendship growing stronger by the day.

Back in school, Dave and I started to get a little more intimate when we were alone. One day, he showed up at my house with some beautiful flowers. He said he wanted something more serious. Happily I agreed. The next day at school, I ran up to my friends and shouted the good news. Almost everybody was happy for us.

Weeks went by and we were having a great time but somehow, things started to get ugly. I became possessive and he got annoyed. People would say bad things about him and I would believe them. Slowly he began to back away and when I got mad, I would dump him only to cry and beg for him to return hours later. My best friends started to worry about us. They would organize parties so Dave and I could have fun but in the long run, it only made things worse. Soon enough they realized that Dave couldn’t stand being with me. More then once people tried to talk some sense into me but it never worked. After all, I would tell every one, “he loves me and will never leave me,” and I truly believed it.

Everyone was getting tired of my behavior. When I wasn’t talking about how great Dave was, I was talking about how mean he would act. I was so concerned about my own ordeals that I really had no clue what I was doing anymore.

One day, I saw Dave talking to a girl. From my point of view, she was like a guy. No fashion whatsoever. Her shoes were dirty, her hair was tangled and her clothes were male hand-me-downs. After the usual thirty minute interrogation Idropped the subject.

Months went by and the problems got worse. One day, Dave called and asked to come by my house. I spent two hours getting ready. When he showed up, I hugged him so hard he had to push me away. Suddenly, he said the magic words: “I’m breaking up with you...” I cried, yelled and made a huge scene. People were looking at me in an akward way. Once he had enough, he walked away and as I ran after him, I noticed that tomboyish girl was sitting in his car.

I called him at his house so many times they had to change their phone number. I would go to his house and ask for him only to have the door shut in my face. At school, I would try to get close to him but his new girlfriend would always get in the way. I was in such a need to talk to him, I slit my wrists. I heard my father’s car in the drive way and out of impulse, I used a kitchen knife. My family walked right after I dropped it. 

As I was rushed to the hospital, I begged my mother to call Dave. She said she would and I let the doctors do their job. Dave arrived some time later. As he walked in, I tried to get out to hug him but my family stopped me. He asked them to leave us alone but my mother didn’t move. He showed me his left hand and I noticed a silver ring. Scared, I looked at it and then I looked at him. I rememeber the exact words he said next: “I don’t love you. I love her and we’re getting married. Please leave us alone.” As I sat there in silence, he walked away.

A month has passed and I’m seeing a psycologist who is making me take three diferent kinds of pills. I accidently found out the exact date and location of Daves’ wedding. My parents have planned a family vacation on that weekend.

I don’t know what life has in store for me. I just wish it’s something like him.

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