Sculptress (rpg)

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Sculptress, she guides tiny hammers into crevices, finds the lines of his face, uncovers his eyes...

Submitted: February 22, 2011

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Submitted: February 22, 2011



Her lover is a haggard, weathered
statue, worn and undefined. Time
has stiffened him. He is
unmoving, ugly
and stubborn as a rock.
She works on him, night and day –
chisels away at his features, removes those
unnecessary segments –
creating definition,
smoothing out the lines. In time,
she will make him perfect.
Little by little, she begins
to leave her mark . With
expert hands, she guides
tiny hammers into crevices –
svelte fingers find the lines of his face.
She uncovers his eyes. He watches
as she polishes. A hand appears –
she takes it in hers,
carves in a smile –
You are my rock, my dear
In time I’ll make you perfect.

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