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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Isabella has one job. follow Arc's orders to the point. If not there are horrible consiquences. Her only option is trust the criminals around her. When her mission is over and she is dismissed. Where does she goes? What does she do?

Table of Contents

Master's Orders

Isabella has one job. Follow Arc's orders to the point. If not there are horrible consiquences. Her only option is trust the criminals around her. How long can she survive her job and its dangerous path? Read Chapter


~~Isabella’s alarm rings and she jumps from her bed. She forces her tired body out of bed and out of the room. In the bathroom she sees... Read Chapter


~~Isabella screams as the coffee lands on top of her clothes. She is quickly on her feet yelling at the terrified waiter. To her luck the... Read Chapter


Isabella enters the warehouse beside Jason. She spots Gerald from a distance with his angry expression as always. She approaches with cau... Read Chapter


Isabella walks quietly into the building. She didn't understand the reasons of her being there. Yet, Arc's orders are not to be questione... Read Chapter


They walk into the warehouse being followed by the guards. There was more people than usual and Isabella heart races. She quickly retreat... Read Chapter


~~~Chewing was all that was heard around the table. Isabella keeps her smile as she tries to think of a way to lighten up the mood. Victo... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella finishes her braid in front of the mirror. She doesn't bother to do her makeup. She goes to the living room and finds Jason w... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella stands there with her cheeks stiffening. Jason has not released his grip from her arm. Arc appears and she looses the last st... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella stretches out her hand and Robby takes it. Quietly they exist the room to the kitchen. She sees Jason sitting on the couch as... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella waits impatiently watching television. She was glad that the amber alert calmed down after the week. It's still dangerous for... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella walks around the white halls examining the paintings. They were beautiful to her eye. She admired that people were capable to... Read Chapter


~~ Norton quickly runs out of the room. Jason puts his jacket over her and takes a hold of her as if supporting her. They begin to slowly... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella runs out of the car without waiting for Jason to finish parking it. In the distance she had noticed the dark building. Not a ... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella watches as the street light pass by. Jason was not in the best mood so she keeps quiet. It was barely twelve but she fel... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella sits on her bed staring at the clock. It was going to be nine in the morning. The sleeping pills help her nothing. She alread... Read Chapter


“To My beautiful fiancee,” Jason says raising his glass. “To my wonderful loving future husband,” Isabella says. ~~ The ... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella opens her eyes slowly trying to focus her sight. She can feel the hands on her shoulders shake her gently. “Isabella wake... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella takes her seat next to Norton. The guest quickly got quiet when she entered the room. She tries to not notice the Allard... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella stares in surprise as Felicia launches punches at Alexandra. What was Felicia doing here? Alexandra tries to explain but Feli... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella watches the crowded of people below. They were pushing and shoving each other. She was glad that Callow got security to try t... Read Chapter


“Breakfast is ready,” Jason says as she walks into the room, “and I don't want to hear that you're not hungry.” “How about I ... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella stares at herself in the mirror. The dress was beautiful. It was was white with pearl color lace. It was simple but beautiful... Read Chapter


~  Isabella can feel as her time is running out. The priest was going on with his speech. She keeps her sights on him as her mind is... Read Chapter


“I did everything you ever asked me!” Isabella yells. ~  Pain travels through her body as she drops to the ground. Isabella pu... Read Chapter


~  Isabella gets pushed into a small room. She was still in shock as the tears continue to flow down her cheeks. The guard drops her... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella opens her eyes. The white ceiling confuses her and she is quickly sitting up. She examines every corner of the bright white r... Read Chapter


“What are you doing?” Dr. Samuel says at the door. ~~ Jason quickly gets off the bed and goes to the doctor's side. Isabella s... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella lies in bed as she caresses small boy's face. The doctor is reattaching her iv onto her arm. Without thinking she had ran off... Read Chapter


~~ Jason pins the man against the wall. Callow stands there staring at the scene. Robby is gripping closer to her as the man continues to... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella tells them about her life before Arc. Her going from one friend house to another for a whole year. Not wanting to be a burden... Read Chapter


~~ Isabella lies in bed unable to sleep. The moonlight shines through the edge of the dresser in front of the window. She felt unsafe no ... Read Chapter


Isabella walks into the complete silent room. She could hear her own heartbeat as it was a drum echoing around the large room. She can fe... Read Chapter