You Make My Heart Beat Fast

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A describtion of how I or how others feel when being around or talking to the one they secretly love. I tried making it as close as I possibly could, and this is exactly how I feel.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



I see you standing right over there. Thoughts run crazily through my mind. Should or shouldn't I do it? Oh, I think, I can wait until next time can't I? Yes, I know I can, and I should! Ugh! Though I know if I don't do it, I will regret NOT doing it.

My breath gets caught in my throat as my foot steps foward in your direction. Heart starts pounding so fast it feels like its about to run right out of my chest. I put another foot foward. Mind racing. What will I say if I talk to him? Its not too late to turn back! Just walk to the other person to his right! You turn to see me walking towards you. My eyes catch yours, but I fight the urge to walk away. A smile eases itself across your face. Was it conciously? I deliver you back a cheerful smile as I force a word out of my mouth.

"H-hi," I stumble.

You greet me back, looking me right in the eye. I continue into a conversation, pretending that the whole time I'm not freaking out inside. I feel happy like never before as I try to absorb each detail of you in my mind. You seem glad to be talking to me, as if you were hoping I would. Were you?

The conversation ends in what seems to be seconds as your friend calls you away. I try to get one last glimpse of you when you smile and say 'goodbye'. I sigh, wishing we could have talked forever. What is it about you? Whatmakes you so different from the others?


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