Impossible Truth

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A short story me and my two friends wrote for an English assignment, hope you like it!

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



  I followed the sun rays pointing down the beach towards the tropical forests of Hawaii.  I could smell the wild flowers crowding around me. The freshness of the leaves, the dampness of dirt. I stepped upon a large boulder to have the ability to view the ocean from a greater distance. my heart leaped into my throat as it swam closer to the edge. I could slowly make the outline of the creature appearing in front of me. I made my way towards the shadowy figure. I noticed this creature's long luscious hair, the colour of the sand, it was swimming gracefully towards me when I saw the scaly tail flowing behind it. I took a few steps back as it reached out to me with its webbed fingers.  I felt a shiver crawl up my spine as it opened its mouth to speak and revealed rows of sharp teeth the colour of decay. Here she was again, back to visit me like everyday. I reached out my hand spreading my fingers against hers, the scaly webbed fingers connected with mine. I closed my eyes as I felt a similar sharp throbbing pain in my forehead as the pictures from her mind flooded into mine.  I was expecting to see the same thoughts over and over again, but it was different, a babies bright blue eyes looked up to me like it saw me. The crystal blue eyes started to fade  to a dark grey as a women leaned over the child's body, like a mother and daughter. The baby giggled and laughed playfully with her mother sharing the beautiful smile. I couldn't but smile myself until large hands wrapped around the mother pulling her away, wiping the child's smile from her face. Her eyes went to a crystal clear grey as tears started to form a layer over her eyes. A blood curdling scream filled my ears, not wanting to here anymore I pulled my hand away waiting for the images to leave my mind.

I looked deeply into the mermaid's eyes and realised she looked identical to the mother who had been departed from her child, her facial expression was full of sadness. I took notice of the locket around the mermaid's neck, it was the exact same as mine. I opened my locket to see a picture of my mother, who looked similar to the woman in my visions. This woman was my mother, but how could this be so? I reached to the mermaid's locket, and opened it to find a baby picture of me, the same picture that was sitting on my dresser in my room. I couldn’t believe it, my dad was always telling me that my mother was lost at sea, maybe she was and out of all people I was the one to find her, or maybe she wanted to find me to reunite and be mother and daughter again.
My mother looked up at me revealing her bright blue eyes the same as mine, besides the pale coloured grey skin I could still see my mother inside her. I looked down as I could see her hand making its way up the rock beside me, maybe she wanted to show me something else.  I watched her hand trail slowly up the rock, the webbed fingers dripping water onto my leg, her hand crept closer to my hand when suddenly her hands wrapped around my wrists, and a high pitched scream echoed through out the beach. I felt the cold water surround my body as I travelled deeper into the depths of the ocean.  My lungs filled  with the salty water, I realised my body changing rapidly, was I now one of my mother's kind?

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