Day and Night

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Day and night

Submitted: January 08, 2007

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Submitted: January 08, 2007



The night was stiff and cold, the moon shone brightly through the huge pines. What a night of silence and parody, the comedy of dancing trees and rustling grass. Great world of hope and misery, both twisting together into a potpourri of shallowness and greatness. The lines blur into a pot of grays and whites. Night. A simple time of silence and mystery. Shadows are beauty, no defects, nothing but movement and simplistic waves of moving black. The night is my lover, a forgiving husband, a quiet tease, a perfect moment in time. It is my everything.


Day creeps into the night's quiet shroud. The sun plasters the treetops, dripping light amongst the shadows, bringing night to a quick end. I dread day. It brings work, sleeplessness, moments of fear and insecurity. Its the time when those who have nothing must realize it, and those who are apathetic see it with a blinded eye of blankness. The miserable crawl into the fading shadows, hiding their faces in the light of unforgiving reality. Children run by, kitestrings floating on the breeze. I realize day isn't all misery, the laughter of youth brings calmness within. The children are the reason, the future, the path to happiness.


I believe in nothing but myself, that I determine my destiny and faith. I am faithless, no religious grasp, just the harsh reality that life itself is a blend of day and night, misery and hope, apathy and sensitivity, darkness and lightness. I cannot escape the life I have, but I can live in the light with little regard for the shadows. Or I can embrace the shadows, and leave the light altogether. Its here I wait, for the life to settle into the shadows and dance with the night. It loves me. Forever.

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