Googly Lines--A Collection of Thoughts and Praises

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Googly Lines is a collection of thoughts from the keyboard of Rhiannon Black. Her compelling words are arranged into brutally honest essays on subjects ranging from immigration to the over use of slang. Her essays blend cunning humor and blantant obviousness into lines of googly goodness.

Submitted: December 15, 2006

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Submitted: December 15, 2006



America's Melting Pot Just Became Jalapeno Dip


DISCLAIMER: I am not a racist. I don't hate anyone based on religion, race, ethnicity or anything of the sort. I am simply expressing my opinion. Please don't flame me. I am entitled to my opinion, like it or not. As a BORN AMERICAN I feel it is my right to use the given First Amendment to express myself. With that said, please respect me and don't flame me.


Have you ever woken up and wished you were someone else?? Don't you wish you could just slap down $1500 and become someone new, with a new social security number, a new name, a new credit history, that you could just start over from scratch??? Well, in my midsize Midwest town it is a common occurrence.

We have a high Hispanic and Latin population. More than most places in the Midwest. Now, I have no problem with anyone of this race, but I have a problem with the fact that many have fake id's, multiple drivers license from different states (which in most states is illegal), they use someone else's good name to gain employment and they use other's social security numbers to gain credit and buy homes and cars. I wish I could do that--legally.

I guess what bothers me most is the fact that many places are catering to these "criminals". I work in retail, and I am being told I must learn spanish to communicate with this population, even though I am a native English speaker. I have no reason to learn Spanish. I live in America, where for hundreds of years immigrants have had to learn the language. Why suddenly is it necessary to learn a new language, because this population can't learn the English language. I feel so discriminated against. Not just because of the language issue, but because I am surrounded by people who have illegally entered this country I call home, and gained access to the privileges of being an American.

A woman in the area killed her four young children, and she may not stand trial because of the Mexican consulate trying to get her back because she is not a citizen. So what? She killed her children. Why should she be able to escape the punishment of the country she came to illegally because she is not a citizen? So if I go to Mexico, kill someone, I should be able to cry to the American consulate and be free of facing justice because I am not a citizen? I think not. It is not fair to expect the priviledge of welfare, social security, employment, housing, a nice car, a free education, without expecting that if you commit a crime you should face the music like everyone else here. People are being put away for things way less heinous than murdering 4 innocent children and they can't run away. Why? Because America doesn't work that way--unless you come in from a Latin country and live here. Then you are free to come and go as you please.

I might sound bitter. Maybe I am. Maybe I am sick of seeing the travesty of injustice for hardworking Americans...maybe I am sick of seeing people use others names that they have had since birth to gain things they are not entitled to. Maybe...just maybe, it is time to step up and do something about it.

I believe that all humans are entitled to a roof over their head, food in their bellies, clothing to wear, and the right to be free. I don't think that all humans are entitled to illegally enter a country and live like they own it. That is what I see everyday.

I have had friends get in auto accidents, and have the driver flee, because they didn't have a license, insurance, hell they weren't even legal, and they feared being deported. If I hit someone, guess what, I have to stay, wait for the police, give them my information, file with my insurance, pay fines if needed, and I have to deal with the financial hardships of said accident. I can't just flee, and get away with it. I was raised to know right and wrong, and I know that doing that would be illegal. Perhaps it is the American in me, but I don't feel that I should have to work like a dog to pay for things I want while someone else gets to use the system to gain everything for nothing.

I believe we should start cracking down on this problem. It is a simple plan really. If landlords rent to illegals, and it is discovered, they should be fined a high amount for each illegal rental. If employers are hiring illegals, they too should be fined. If they couldn't get work or housing, they would slowly start spreading the spanish word that America is no longer accepting this behavior. No more spanish grocery store, no more spanish festivals, no more spanish speaking required for work. It would make things better. In addition, a national database, that all employers, large or small have access to, listing the names of true citizens that can be used to compare the original name on a social security card to the ones on the fake cards should be implemented. This would cut down on excuses, and human errors.

There are businesses that will for, $1500, sell a list of names of deceased Americans to illegals for them to use. You can buy a drivers license, social security card, everything you need to get what you want. Call it the "Illegals Guide to American Life." I think these businesses should be shut down, the owners put on trial, and those who purchased cards tracked down and deported.

I am sure some will call me racist, I am not. I am simply fit to be tied with this issue. I have no problem with any group of people. I feel that if anyone should be offended, it should be the Americans who allow these illegals to get access to these things--the businesses who hire them with knowledge of their status, the landlords who put money before ethics, the banks who allow them to open accounts. 


That is all.....


Premature Senility and the Fading of Youth

December 1st was my 27th birthday. I feel older, for the first time ever. I was talking to a 19 year old co-worker who had no idea about any of the great gems of life as a child of the 1980's. Slinky's? Nope. Slip and Slide? No idea. Lite Brite? Nada. So sad...

I remember being able to play outside for endless hours during summer vacation. I hopped on my Big Wheel (Strawberry Shortcake to be exact) and riding around the neighborhood for hours. I remember laying the slip and slide on the slight hill in the front yard and sliding until my butt cheeks were pruny. I remember my Radio Flyer wagon flipping and scraping my knee. I remember Lite Brite when it was still cool. I remember Snorks. I remember Etch A Sketch. I remember my mom nearly getting crushed in the flood of crazy mothers racing to get a Cabbage Patch Kids doll for Christmas. I remember Hot Wheels buried in the sandbox. I remember Legos left carelessly on the bedroom floor and the swearing of mom and dad as they came to kiss us good night. I remember Sesame Street when it was still about crazy Grover and Cookie Monster. I remember You Can't Do that on Television. I remember when MTV played music and not endless crap shows that have NOTHING to do with music. How dare they call themselves Music Television. I remember most of all the freedom of childhood.

 But that is over now. I am becoming a jaded bitter woman. My youth is slipping away. Gone are the days of playing outside, when all you had to worry about was sunburn and mosquito bites. I don't have homework, I have 8 hours of standing on my feet just to make enough money to live. I also miss my youthful mind.

I remember being able to remember. I remember thinking that 30 was old, now I am knocking on that door. I wish I could go back 10 years to when I was 17, a senior in high school and relive the days I made personally miserable because of my inability to accept others for their love of country music. I wish I could go back to when "allowance" was a given if I cleaned my room, when I could sit on my young ass and play Mario Bros. on Nintendo for 6 hours and not complain that my back hurt. I wish I could go back to when Saturday mornings meant Froot Loops and cartoons. I wish I could be young again.

Now, I know 27 isn't exactly old, but its not exactly young either. I am feeling my youth skipping by in a cart carrying Barbie Dolls and My Buddy. I miss the days of simplicity, when mom made cookies and we drank lemonade in the fort we built from fall leaves. I wish I could rip off my work uniform, put on snow pants and gloves and build a snowfort. I wish I could call in sick so I could play on the swingset dad built way back in 1988. I miss birthday parties. I miss skating parties ( although I couldn't skate to save my life.) I miss the days of sunshine and push pops.

Why do we have to get old? I wish I could transfer some of the good old days of my childhood to some of the youth of today. We didn't have internet or cell phones. Calling someone required standing in the livingroom with the phone cord tightly wound around your legs. You had to walk to the curb to get your mail. You didn't have pagers unless you were a doctor. PDA was "public display of affection" not a portable device that connected you to the world. Blackberry was a fruit. CD players were for the rich or those that were lucky enough to have a grandma that REAALLLY loved to spoil them. We didn't have the constant stimulation of being able to have instant gratification. We had to walk to someone's house, not just IM them. Kids now days have no idea that once we played outside instead of becoming hermits locked to a computer chair and typing all day. We didn't have carpal tunnel syndrome at 12. 

Wow...I am showing my age again. Excuse me while I go pull gray hairs.

My list of annoyances

This is my list of current annoyances, in no particular order:

*Non-smokers--people who think they have the right to tell me I can't smoke. Who the hell are you really???

*Homophobes--gay people exist. Deal with it. Accept it. You don't have to like it, just don't spend your life worrying about if the guy in the cubicle next to you is gay. 

*Professional Athletes--I wish I got paid $40 million to show up to work and play a game. What a life!

*Religious Zealots--I am agnostic. You can't prove God exists without physical proof. Show me where God got rid of your cancer and I will tell you all about modern medicine. God didn't let you win the Lottery. God didn't get rid of your Herpes. God didn't give you a nice house or health. Your decisions did that. Stop giving credit to someone who hasn't walked the earth in 3000 years.

*Dark Chocolate--Chocolate isn't chocolate without milk.

*Censorship--F@#! you FCC!

*Michael Moore-- I think his picture is in the dictionary next to "douchebag". Talk about grabbing for straws. And this from a democrat.

*Paris Hilton--could a more vapid person exist??

*Phonebooks--Why oh why....I bet there is a tiny man in a straitjacket laughing as they type them out.

*Sue Happy People--just because you are an idiot that doesn't know coffee is hot or that McDonalds makes you fat doesn't mean you are entitled to millions. If you win use it to buy a brain.  

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