Stem Cells--Modern Medicine Takes A Brisk Turn

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Stem cell research, my opinion.

Submitted: January 08, 2007

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Submitted: January 08, 2007



I have been watching the news alot lately. I see the topics, and several have stood out. One in particular has grasped my attention--stem cell research. This is an opinion on that topic.


At conception, cells form to split and create the beginning of life. These cells determine sex, eye color, height, weight, personality, and more importantly, they create the organs, the cells of the brain and the general development of modern man and woman. These cells work hard to create the perfect human, or as close to perfection as nature allows.


These cells also can save lives. They can alleviate Parkinson's Disease, paralyzation, and possibly cancer. They can help those with retardation and brain damage, and help with mental disorders. Seems like a great idea. Save the lives of those that are currently living with such diseases, debilatations that affect the quality of life. That is where the debate begins.


With everything else in the US, the politicians do little research and speak alot of bullshit. Stem cells form BEFORE the embryo implants into the uterus, the moment that a pregnancy begins. Until that moment, it is simply a fertilized egg. Is it life?? No. Life is unarguably determined by the beating of the heart, the breaths we take from our lungs. A fertilized egg doesn't breathe or have a heartbeat. It is cells formed to begin life, but the aspects of life aren't present yet. At this stage, many women start their menstrual period, and the egg is washed away, unaware of fertilization. 80% of fertilized eggs meet this fate in a women's fertile period of life. 


My response to the debate is this--is an embryo really worth all this trouble when we have people who have been born suffering from horrid diseases, suffering to their deaths. What if you were diagnosed with Parkinson's, told you would eventually die, meanwhile suffering from tremors so debilatating that you can't hold a pen, hold your child, even hold your own head still? Then, you are told that with a simple procedure of injecting stem cells into the damaged part of the brain over a few months, that you would be cured and be able to continue to live your life. Wouldn't you say yes? Of course, who wouldn't. Do you think any politician, any Republican, any pro-lifer or religious zealot would sacrifice quality of life for a life of pain and suffering and ultimately death before their time. Some zealots would say it was God's will. I say it is God's will to give the scientists, researchers and doctors the brain capacity and intelligence to find a cure for such things.


I in no way condone abortion. I think if you do the deed, you live with the consequences. But this is not abortion. It is not life until the heartbeats. 

Think for a moment about eggs--we all have had them. Some love them, they are a common ingredient in most foods, and they are used to make cookies. Well, that is an embryo. A fertilized egg, laid by a chicken, that we steal from the hen to eat. So, we can eat an embryo, but not use them to save life. Okay, call me crazy. I don't care. Who are we to decide whether human life is any more precious than a chickens. Who do we think we are to say what is right and what is wrong, what is food and what is not. Some tribes eat humans, a perfectly normal thing for them. Barbaric to most, but real to some. 

As for stem cells--if I were given the chance to vote yes or no to using embryos as a means to save life I would vote yes. There are people I am sure, that will say, "well what if your mom donated you to be used for stem cells?" I say in response, " I wouldn't care, because I wouldn't be here. How would I ever know? Do you think I would care while I was floating around in the body of a Parkinson's patient? I wouldn't."

Stem cells is modern medicine in motion, a way to prevent, to treat, to alleviate diseases that kill millions every year. Most of the embryos used for research are those that have been joined with the spermazoa, fertilized and frozen for further use. The women who's embryos these are have either abandoned them in freezers or signed them over. So a fertilized egg is okay to keep in a freezer, but not to use for a good purpose? We are a messed up group of people if we truly believe life is precious, then put in the freezer. Would you freeze your child, your unborn fetus? Probably not. But you are selfish enough to freeze a fertilized egg only to abandon it because "you had your baby" so you don't care anymore. Its amazing to me.


I have seen Michael J. Fox on TV, campaigning for politicians who vote for stem cell research. This is a man in his 40's, heavily medicated, unable to anymore act or even live like he once did. Regardless of his status as a celebrity, he is a human suffering a horrible disease. I have watched him quickly decline, and I am saddened. Christopher Reeve, Superman to many, broke his spine in a equestrian accident. He was paralyzed from the neck down, and he too, was a proponent for stem cell research. He died before he could see the advent of stem cell usage, but he fought until the end for research. It is people like him that could once again move their legs. Can you imagine being stuck lying down, staring at the ceiling, with a permanent catheter or diaper, unable to feed yourself, feel the touch of your love, enjoy driving, going to a movie, eating at a restaurant, or enjoy the euphoria of sex? I can't. I wouldn't want to. That was his reality, along with millions of others. So apparently, a paralyzed person is less valuable than a non-pregnancy?


I admit I am probably going beyond what I should, but I find that the way the US is going is wrong. I can't believe we allow welfare to the illegals, the poor continue to get poorer, while the rich get richer, social security is ending for the younger generations, global warming is occurring at an alarming rate, and we can't even enjoy our years because the government refuses to give us quality of life. 




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