Day and Night PT. 1

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I am currently doing a small story for my Creative Writing class. This story will follow two boys, twins named Jas and Zebb. During the years between 3045-3062. I will be submitting this in small portions as I write it. So please remain calm, but do give me feedback and tell me what you think. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

The world had fallen into peril due to something elders before the rebellion of Eiss called "Gods wrath of the sky." Elders who survived Eiss spoke of a land in the sky, the Elders only had one word for it they called it "Ark." Though the rebellion brought down many of the worlds powers, the vatican has become a central power, though not of a very holy rule.

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



Day and Night PT. 1 Begin.  -Just a sample-


The world was once a better place, the people didn’t have to fight each other for their daily bread. Rations were scarce and children were raised to fight in the Vatican’s Holy War. Normally, you what you would think of the Vatican as being a small country of holiness and god, has actually grown into a large world power due to the fall of the major world powers in the Rebellion of Eiss. Many lives were lost in this rebellion; some say that a mysterious land in the sky was a result of the god’s wrath, soon after the rebellion the sky land dissappeared so it was put off as a hoax. The Rebellion was only a small aftermath in result of an apocalyptic era known has Heveden during the year 3045. It’s been 15 years since, my brother Zebb and I have grown tired of the ill fate the Vatican has brought upon us. We’re not the only ones that have this thought though; people from small outlandish nations have also started up small rebellious forces, they call themselves Redemptionists.

The Vatican seeks only the power and an all controlling absolute rule over this world, claiming it for gods land; where in reality they only seek the money. An elder from before the times of God’s wrath once told Zebb and I that at one time the Vatican was once a holy place, a peaceful small country. If this is the case, then how really did things turn to such a mess? I myself have never cared to know, however in the late winter of 3064 the gods branded us with a change of fate.

“Hey! Hurry up Jas! We’re going to be late!” Zebb shouted from across the dirt road that leads through the middle of town. Zebb is tall with a kind personality, if you asked me he’s a little too kind, especially towards the women. We’re twins; People often call us Night and Day because aside from the fact we’re twins, our hair and eyes differ. My eyes are Green with blond hair; Zebb’s hair is Black and has eyes with a reddish brown tint.  This difference is how we’re told apart. The days here were long for those of us who didn’t live in the inner sanctum of the Vatican’s upper class. People who lived here in the lower Sveiss were merely a waste of flesh and walking money bags to them. Every so often you would hear an announcement over the intermission vie system of Riots or Rebellious attacks on the eastern gates of lower Sveiss that separated the Inner Sanctum from the outer. Often you would hear other announcements of prisoners, people who were dubbed as traitors or tried for crimes of treason and murders. Nothing good was ever announced here. I rushed through the street meeting Zebb on the other side; we darted down to towns central. Today was a once a year market, Gold, Jewels, and other various riches were displayed in the streets to show the poor the things they couldn’t have. Women came from all around to see these grand artifacts. People wouldn’t dare try to steal any of this; if even one object were to be misplaced things would be thrown into a great catastrophe.

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Day and Night PT. 1

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