We've Lost The Light

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A short story of two individuals stumbling around in darkness seeking the light. The narrative is of aboriginal.

Submitted: January 03, 2018

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



"You ask me to tell you a story so I tell you like this".

The old man sat there in the darkness of night. The crackling fire slowly dying caused the deep lines on his face to appear even deeper. He never took his eyes off the dancing flame.

"So I tell you like this", he said again.

Long time ago before we were born was another like us. They too walked upright and stumbled around in darkness. Looking for something, finding nothing, seeking something. What they seek they do not know. They just know they seek it. From up a tree something speaks to them. Tells them what to look for.

"To see in darkness you must have light", it says to them. "Seek the light then you know where you are. That's a good place to start it says".

"How we know what light is?", ask one of them.

"You know what light is when you find it", says the voice from the tree.

So there they go seeking something, seeking light in darkness. Crawling on hand and knee they go westward thinking that is a good place to look. Not long they bump into something. They don't know what it is in darkness.

"What is this?", says one of them.

"I do not know", says the other.

And how would one know what it is when in darkness?

"Feels funny", says one.

Then a voice says to them, "What are you doing there?", it asks.

"We seeking light"

"No light here", the voice says back.

"What is this?", one of them asks.

"This is not that", says the voice.

"And what are you?", asks one of them.

"What I am is not you. Now seek light somewhere else".

Not being able to seek any further west the two turned and headed south.

"Strange thing that west was", says one.

"Strange thing indeed", says the other.

"Maybe when we find light we go back west?" says one.

"Maybe west needs light too", says the other.

So for some time the two stumbled southward looking for light. They stumbled over hills and valleys in darkness. Long time they look for light in south. Then suddenly the land changes. It feels softer than hard.

"My hand sinks", says one.

"Mine too", says the other.

"Feels soft but feels hard too", says one.

"It moves when you push it", says the other.

Not to long they bump into something.

"Ouch", says one, "that hurt".

"Feels prickly", says the other.

"It sticks in my hand", says one.

"Here, I help you with that one", says the other.

The sharp spikes get stuck when you touch that thing. Hard to take out by yourself. One by one they get pulled out of the hand of the seeker. When no more spikes are stuck one says, "Why you stick me?"

"It was you that pulled my spikes from me"

"We seek light here", says the other.

"No light here"

"Do you know where light is?", asked one.

"I only know darkness, only darkness here"

"Any one else around here know where light might be?", asked the other.

"No one here but me"

Maybe we go east?", says one.

Maybe light can be found in the east?", says the other.

"Here your spikes back", says one. "I do not need them". In the darkness he tossed the spikes back.

"They bring nothing but pain", says the other.

So the seekers of the light turned and headed eastward searching for light.

"I don't like south", says one.

"Too painful being there". says the other.

"Maybe south needs light too?", says one.

"Safer for us too", says the other.

Into the east the two stumbled searching for light. Not too long it was before the soft ground went hard again. The two searchers were moving quicker now and not too long later they found themselves stumbling through something they never stumbled through before.

"This is tall", says one.

"There is many", says the other.

"I move it to my side and find more in front of me", says one.

"Once you move this it stays moved", says the other.

"Makes moving forward slow", says one.

"I find moving easy", says the other.

"Maybe you should be first?", says one.

"No, I'm good behind you", says the other.

So a long time it takes the two to move east. Pushing and shoving from side to side they stumble in search of light. So it be that no longer they needed to push and shove. What was once in front of them was now behind them. The ground was flat and stumbling towards the east was easier. Not too long before they bumped into something strange.

"I feel something hard", says one.

"Yes, I feel the same", say the other.

"It won't move", says one.

"And you can't shove it", says the other.

"What you want here", comes a voice from the east.

"We search for light", says one.

"Is light here?", says the other.

"There is no light in the east", says the voice.

"What are you?", asks one.

"I am We", it says.

"What is we?", asks the other.

"We are all", says the voice.

"Have you ever seen the light?", asks one.

"We have no need for light", says the voice.

"Then how you see in the darkness?", asks the other.

"We have no need to see in the darkness", says the voice, "Now go away. We not need your business here".

The two seekers turned to the north and left the east where it was.

"Not too friendly the east is", says one.

"Maybe they can't see they are rude?", says the other.

"Maybe when we find light we come back around to the east and show them a new way?", says one.

"Maybe "We" have been in the darkness too long and need a new way?", says the other.

So it be that the two seekers headed northward to seek the light. Long journey it was. A long struggle it was for the two. Seeking the light for a long time becomes hard. Becomes more difficult when in darkness. The two continued heading north when one says, "I feel something soft and cold".

"I feel it too", says the other.

"It feels slippery", says one.

"Slippery and cold", says the other.

"Maybe we stop here?", says one.

"You think light is here?", says the other.

"I'm in darkness, I'm cold and tired", says one.

"We can't find light north", says the other.

"Too cold up here", says one.

"Maybe we go home?", says the other.

"Maybe there is no light to be found", says one.

"Maybe", says the other.

So it be that the two turned around and headed home. It take a long, long time to reach it.

"Strange place this is", says one.

"Strange place indeed", says the other.

"I like home", says one.

"Me too", says the other.

After some time the two come upon a hill. Long time they search for light. Many places they been to. Now they finally sit and speak at the tree.

"We search for light but it not to be found", says one.

"We go west, no light, we go south, no light, we go east, no light, we go north, no light. We search everywhere in darkness but find no light", says the other.

"Why you send us to find light when it doesn't want to be found?", asks one.

"When you search you not always see what you're looking for. Sometimes it's in front of you, sometimes it's within you and you not know it. You see west is not you, south needs you, you not want to be east and north is cold you did not want to stay. In searching for light from darkness you find yourself and not know it. Soon you will see it", the voice says.

In the darkness above something appeared. A hole in the darkness.

"Is that light?", says one.

"I see it", says the other.

Soon another hole appeared, then another. Many holes on the darkness appeared. A vastness of little holes in the darkness appeared and soon one saw the other for the first time.

"You not like me", says one.

"Yet you are like me", says the other.

"How is that?", says one.

"I don't know", says the other.

"When you are removed from the darkness you will see that we are the same, yet we are different. Now look over there", says the voice.

On the horizon a orange glow appeared. Ever so slightly. A scarlet red was mixed in and then blue was added. Over the land the darkness disappeared and one and the other could see where they lived.

"We live here?", asks one.

"Beautiful", says the other.

"Light changes everything", says the voice.

One and the other stood and looked over the land. A new beginning unraveling in front of them.

"This is where you are", says the voice.

The old man stopped his story there. The light of the fire almost extinguished.

He turned and said, "Now we lost the light".

He got up and walked away into the darkness stumbling as he went.

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