Being A Man

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It is a funny story of a gay who fell in love with a woman...

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



Being a Man

(Short Story)

“Hey Josh, stop it already. That idiot doesn’t deserve you.” My friend, Gene said, while I am sobbing because my boyfriend had just broken up with me. Yes, I am a gay, and I met this Lee Meyer. He is the coolest guy in school. I fell in love with him and I thought he felt the same.

“Oh, that guy! I already told you from the start. He’s just using you because of your money.” Another friend, Haydee said. She was always telling bad things about my boyfriend or rather my ex-boyfriend. I never listened to her because I thought she had just misunderstood everything. Now, I realized that she was right. I should have listened to her from the start.

“He is the worst person I’ve ever met. He was always giving Josh’s money to his woman?” Haydee continued. She put her palm on her head, trying to calm herself from grief.

“Stop it, Hayde. It can’t be helped.” Gene says, patting my back, trying to comfort me.

“I really hate boys!” I sobbed. “From now on, I won’t fall in love with them! They always make me look like a fool. I really hate them!” then I sobbed more.

“Well, that was exactly what you said to us last year.” Gene said.

“Then this will be a promise! From now on, I will be manly, and try to look at pretty girls.” I wiped my tears and stood up. “Let’s go at the club, and I will find a girl.” My friends looked at each other, and shrugged. I went at my closet to get some clothes.

I am Josh Williams by the way. Gene Andersen and Haydee Chan became my friends since I went in highschool. They were also in my class, since we had the same year level. The whole school knows that I am a man. Only Haydee and Gene knows my true colour. Lee asked me to keep our relationship a secret. I agreed because, I thought it was necessary. He took advantage on it and began to have a relationship with Lisa Turner. She was a model of a famous perfume, which makes her a celebrity in school. I always thought that they were just friends until Gene saw them kissing intimately at the park. She took a picture of them because she knew that I wouldn’t believe her. I confronted Lee and he confidently says “Let’s just broke up. Thanks for your money, by the way.” It hurts me so badly. Like my soft woman heart was crushed into pieces. I started to promise myself that I won’t ever fall in love with a man. Ever!

I finally went out of my closet. My two friends stared at me like they've seen a ghost. With their eyes wide open, and their mouth was about to reach the ground.

''What? How do I look?'' I asked.

''Wow, you look great!'' Gene smiled.

''Not just great! Geez, you're so hot! Every girl in the club would really think that you are a real man.'' Haydee said.

I just wore my polo shirt, and wool pants. I also fixed my hair a little. I never expected that they would like it much.

''Stop it. You might fall in love with me.'' I grinned.

''Duh! Let's just go!'' Gene said.

We reached the club, and a hot guy went in front of us.

I grabbed my friends' hands and said, ''He's so hot! I want to get his number.'' I whined. I can't resist it. He is tall, and his body was athletic. Gosh, I felt like I was going to melt!

''Hey, stop that. Have you forgotten that we are here to...''

''No I need his number.'' I was about to go towards him, but Haydee grabbed my hands, and says, ''No you won't'' then she pulled me inside the club.

I had this sick. Whenever I saw a guy of my type, I just can't resist it. It always makes me feel like it’s a waste to let him go.

We went inside, and there were a lot of dancing girls. I feel like vomiting. Seeing girl like that looks nasty for me. I’m pretty sure guys would love it. I sat at a bar counter and my two friends went at the C.R. A pretty girl sat next to me. She wore a sexy outfit, and her make-up was perfect for her.

“Is she here to insult me?” I thought. She went closer and asked, “Hi, I’m Kath. You are?”

I cleared my throat, and tried to voice manly. “I’m Josh.” We shook our hands. She offered me a drink and chat a little. I learned that she was just 19 years old. She was with her friends, and they were at the dance floor.

“Would you like to dance?” she asked.

I insisted. “No I don’t feel like dancing. Besides, I’m waiting for my friends.” I made a fake smile. “You can dance alone.”

“It’s impossible. Boys can’t resist me.” She held my neck and she slides her right hand to my chest, like she’s flirting on me.

I felt nasty. I get rid of her hands and stood up. She also stands up, with her eyebrows crossed and said, “Are you gay?”

Good thing the music at the club was too loud and everyone wouldn’t notice us. My two friends finally went towards us. Gene put her arms on my waist. “I’m his girlfriend. Let’s go honey.” Then she grabbed me outside the club.

Haydee put her hands on her waists. “What do you think you are doing? We thought you two were getting along and…”

“So you two were watching us the whole time?” I angrily asked.

“She’s a waste. How can you possibly resist her? Every man in the club wants to get her.”

“I don’t care. I can’t.” I sighed. “Let’s just go home. I feel tired.”

“Okay. Take care.” Haydee said. They hugged me and got a taxi to send me at my condo. I Lied on my bed and went to sleep.

The next day at school, Haydee approached me. “Josh, I think you really need someone.”

I was surprised. “And who was it?”

“We need someone who is a real man in heart.” Haydee tapped my shoulders. “This is the only thing we can do for you.”

My heart pounced. I felt excited, but I don’t want them no notice it. “Then who is that guy?” I asked calmly.

“It was not a man, of course. Being with a man won’t change you.” Haydee said.

“Yeah, it will just make you worse.” Gene added.

“So it’s a woman?” I asked, feeling nervous and anxious.

“Indeed!” they chorused. “I knew a person that could help us. She was strong and her heart is manly. I think she can help you.” Gene said.

Oh God. I can’t take it anymore. A minute with a woman makes me sick. Why do I need to suffer like this? Is this a curse or something?

“Let’s meet her after classes.” Haydee looked at me suspiciously. “And don’t try to escape.”

During class hours, I was thinking about their plan. I was also focusing at the discussions of course. It’s just that, I know they were doing this for my own sake. It was also my fault, to promise them that I won’t fall into any guys ever. So after class, I ended up meeting this girl.

“Good thing you didn’t escape.” Gene said. “This is Thania Lawrence. She will be your guide. Sooner, she will be in our class. She had just transferred today.”

I waved my hand a little “Hi.” Then I smiled at her.

She grinned and shook my hands. “Nice to meet you, bro.” She didn’t say it formally. She’s a little different from the other girls that I’ve met. Her manners are like of gangsters, she was dressed like a guy, her long hair was tied up, and she was wearing a cap. She does look like a man. But I think she will be better if she wore a little make-up and dresses up like a lady.

I went closer to Gene, and pulled her hair. “Are you sure this will work out? She looks more like a criminal to me.”

Gene removed my hand on her hair. “Of course, she does. But her heart was manlier than the other boys out there. She is kind, and weird. Well, she looked like a tomboy, and acts like a guy, but she also has a woman heart. You won’t notice it until you knew more about her.”

Haydee interfered. “She should stay at your condo until you become a man.”

My eyes widened. “What do you mean?”

“We knew that being with a woman makes you sick. So, we thought that challenges will make faster and better results.” Haydee pull out a bag and says “These are her things. I packed them up so you can’t say no.” Then she looked at Thania. “Thania, you can stay in his condo, from now on. Are you okay with that?”

So, they have asked Thania if it was okay with her. How about me? Wouldn’t they ask me if it was okay with me? Wow!

She was inclined at a car and boringly said, “Sure. No problem with that.”

Great! My friends won the victory on making me so annoyed. Now, I will live with this woman. Of course, I can’t just leave her along with her things. Gosh, just by looking at her gives me headache.

We reached my condo, and went to my room, which falls in number 201. She went inside and sat at the couch. It felt awkward ever since we’ve met. We don’t even utter a word at the taxi.

“Your room is neat. Everyone will think that a girl owns it.” She frankly said.

I raised my eyebrow. “Sorry, if a man like I had a woman heart. Don’t you know how to appreciate?”I rolled my eyes, and said, “Now, let’s cook some food. I’m hungry.”

“I had troubles in cooking. My mom won’t let me use the kitchen.” She said, reading one of my magazines.

I went towards her, and grabbed her. “Now, let me teach you how to cook.”

She insisted “I already told you. I had troubles in cooking. One mistake or I might ruin the food. You can make me do anything, except cooking.” She lowered her eyes, and I let go of her hand.

“Okay, I won’t force you anymore.” I went in the kitchen and started cooking. I looked at her, and she was watching the T.V.

I was done cooking, and everything was set in the table. She grabbed a cup, to get some rice. She gets about three cups of rice, and some side dishes. I can’t imagine that she can eat more than her body needs.

“You ate a lot.” I said.

“Yeah.” She answered while her mouth was full. “I can’t resist it. The smell makes me so hungry. You are good at it. You can be a good husband you know.”

I will slap this woman if I hadn’t been changing myself to be a man. I learned to cook because I wanted to be a good wife if I had a choice.

“Do gays have a voice problem? Can’t you change the way you talk?” she asked.

“Of course we can. It’s just that, my heart was so lame, and I can’t talk with a voice of a man.” I said. Of course I don’t know how to change it.

“Let’s try it.” She said. “Think like you are a strong man. Just lower your voice.”

I cleared my throat. I lowered my voice as I said “Is this okay?” I do sound like a man.

“That’s better. But it’s too low. You are too obvious.” She chuckled.

I tried it again. “How about this?” now, I really do sound like an idiot. She laughed hard, and she can’t resist it. She just drank some water, and lied on the couch.

“I can sleep here. You can have your bed. Goodnight.” Then she closed her eyes and slept.

I washed the dishes of course. I really don’t want her manners. But the ways she laughs, made me forget her attitudes. I just turned off the lights and went to bed.

It’s been a week since Thania lived in my condo. We became classmates since we had the same year level before she transferred on our school. She was still practicing me on the way I talk to her. Of course I improved a little and we are with Gene and Haydee. Sometimes, they just left us with no reasons.

Out of nowhere, I just asked, “Hey, why did you agreed on Gene’s proposal of guiding me on how to be a man?”

“It is because I like her.” Thania said. “Even though she keeps on rejecting me, and telling me we were just friends.”

That kept me silent. Suddenly, Thania asked, “Can you walk in front of me?” I know she was just trying to change the topic, but I obeyed. I walked like I am a beauty queen in a catwalk. “Normally.” She added. Well, I walked normally. Like how I used to walk in school.

“So lame.” She stood up, and managed my walking position. “Straighten your back, and put your chest out and walk.”

I obeyed. I straightened my back, and put my chest out, and swayed my hips as I walk.

She knocked my head. I reacted and cried, “Why do you have to do that? It hurts.”

“You are a man, not a beauty queen. Don’t sway your hips.” She went beside me. “Just watch me as I walk.” She walked exactly like a man. Her backs are straight, her chest was out, and her hips don’t sway. It was just moving with the flow. Like ones in a men’s catwalk. “Did you get it?” she asked.

I am not sure if I really get it. I just said “Let’s just see.” I tried to walk again like she does. But I just looked like a robot. I got tired of trying.

“Why do I need to learn how to walk like you? Does it make any sense?” I confronted.

“It is because everyone will judge you on how you walk.” She said seriously. “So manage your walk.”

During classes, she manages me on how I walk not only the way how I walk but also my actions. It really annoys me. But being with her makes me feel so different. It is not the same feeling when I am with Gene and Haydee. Thania is different.

One day, she bought something at the CD shop. I asked her what it was. She said, “You will know it later.” She grinned. “We will watch all the CD’s I bought at your condo tonight.”

That time I was so curious about it. We finished eating our supper, and she set my player. I was surprised when the video flashed. They were porn videos! And I had no idea why she’d ask me to watch that thing with her. I admit that I watch them myself, but I never watched it with Gene and Haydee.

“The girl is so sexy and hot.” She said.

I was just focusing in the video and replied, “No, the guy is so handsome. I just wish I could…”

I hadn’t finished on what I was going to say when she knocked my head. “You are a man, dude. You should learn to focus on women instead of men.”

“But I can’t resist it. Seeing a hot guy like that one makes me…” She didn’t again made me finished my talk. She knocked me again on my head.

She crossed her eyes and said, “Geez, you are really…” she stopped the video, and gets another CD to play.

Gosh, how many porn videos did she bought at that shop? This time, Thania played a lesbian video. Oh geez, it’s torturing me. It made me feel like I am going to throw up anything I ate.

“Josh focus. Try to look at these women. They’re hot, right?” She said. But I am not looking at the video. I shut my eyes, and trying not to look at it. I felt her hand on my face and she’s trying to focus my head on the video.

“You are impossible!” I heard she said. When I opened my eyes, the TV set were off, and she was lying on the couch. “Just play the video when you were ready. I’m going to sleep.” She closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

This woman is so severe. I always manage her things, and wash the dishes. Sometimes, I can see her bras everywhere, her shoes were in a mess, and her school junks were scattered. And now she left her CD’s at the floor, making me fix these things for her.

“Do I look like a maid to you? Now I know why Gene does not like you.” I whispered. She won’t hear it. She sleeps soundly, like she’s the one who was tired of working.

Watching Thania sleep makes me laugh. She snores so loud, and her mouth was wide open, that an apple would fit into it. I still kept on thinking about what she said to me that day. She was hurt because of rejection. I thought mine was the worst. But hers was worse. Thinking of it makes me feel that she was also a human. I fixed her blanket and turned off the lights.

Months had passed, and I still hadn’t changed. I still kept on looking at men, and Thania kept on knocking my head whenever I do it. It really annoys me. But we became so close with each other, and we were always together. I am always happy whenever I am with her. My boring condo became so lively because of her. It won’t be impossible if one time I would fall in love with her. But just by thinking of it makes me feel nasty.

After the flag ceremony, the school announced that a prom will be held next week. The girls, including Gene, Haydee, and I were so excited. Even though I can’t wear a gown or a dress, there would be a chance that I could dance with men. Thinking of it makes me hoity-toity. I knew that Thania was not interested. She is the type that wouldn’t go to any parties or gatherings. As a woman, or half-woman, I won’t let it happen. I want her to participate on it no matter what happens.

Like other proms you should have a partner. Haydee and Gene already had partners. Since I wanted Thania to be there, I asked her to be my partner.

She insisted. “Sorry, but I am not interested. I never went into gatherings like this.”

“Why are you so worried?” I had these gay actions again, and held her hands, trying to convince her. “Gene, Haydee, and I will be there.”

She removed my hands and said, “I can’t. I don’t even know how to socialize with other people. I can’t even participate in school activities.”

“I wanted to be there too. And of course I needed a partner. You are my only hope. Please?” I said, trying to convince her. “We will be there, and I won’t let you be left behind.” I don’t know why I said it but I think it made her agree.

“Okay. I’ll do it.” She said. I know it was sarcastic, but at least she agreed.

The day before the prom, the three girls went at the shopping mall, leaving me behind. I already had a suit in my closet, so I don’t need to buy one. I wanted to go with them, but they told me that a man shouldn’t shop for a woman. I don’t know that being a man was so boring.

It was already night when Thania went home. Her hands were bare. I asked, “Where’s your dress?”

“I left it at Gene’s house. They said we will prepare at her house, and will help me fix myself.” She said. “What if I won’t go at the prom tomorrow? Besides, I don’t feel like wearing a dress.”

I pulled her hair. “What do you mean that you don’t feel like wearing it? Don’t you know how I wished to be a woman so I could wear such things?”

She gets her hair from me, and knocked my head, “We are different. I wished I can be a man so I don’t have to wear those things.” We looked at each other and we both chuckled.

The day of the prom has arrived. I made Thania to go at Gene’s house to prepare. I was left alone at my condo, and also prepared myself. The prom will start at 5:30 PM, and I went at the venue at 5:15. The three girls had not arrived yet, and I tried to chat with my classmates.

“Who’s your partner, Josh?” one of my classmates said.

“It’s Thania.” I said. I still had troubles in having a normal voice, so I just need to be careful.

“Thania?” they exclaimed. “She’s a tomboy, right? Let’s just hope she won’t abandon you.” My other classmate said.

“She won’t. And I know she will be here later.” I said. I know she will come. Gene and Haydee won’t let her escape.

They arrived exactly at 5:30 PM. Gene first came in. She was dressed in light blue cocktail. Her partner escorted her to their seat. Haydee followed. She was dressed in light yellow cocktail. Her partner does the same. Thania came in last. I was mesmerized by her appearance. I mean, almost all of us were mesmerized. She wore a pink cocktail, and her hair was curled. I knew Gene was the one who did her make-up. She was so beautiful. I almost forgot that I should escort her to our seat.

“You look great.” I said. I was surprised with my voice. It was different. Was it just my imagination? I looked at her. She smiled. It was my first time to see her smile like that. My heart beats so fast. I put my heart on my chest, and it was still beating so fast.

“You did it.” She said. “You sounded normal.”

She was so lovely this night. I can’t imagine that a girl like her would act and dress up like a man. We enjoyed the night, and we felt so tired when we got home.

“Josh, can you help me? I don’t know how to take this off to me.” Thania said.

I helped her unzipped the dress from her. My heart again beats so fast. It doesn’t stop. I felt like I was hypnotized by her. I hadn’t realized that I was still holding the zipper when she said, “Hey, is it done?”

I blinked my eyes. “Yes.” Then I sat on my couch and waited for my turn to change.

She went out of the bathroom and her make-up was gone. She went back to normal. I went at the bathroom and changed my clothes. She was already sleeping at the couch when I went out. Again, I watched her sleep. She still looks angelic even without the make-up. I looked at her lips. They were kissable, and I felt like kissing it. I went closer, until my lips were just half-inch away from hers. Then she began to snore. I chuckled, and unable to continue it.

I became so different. My voice changed, my actions changes, and there were always awkward feelings with her. I know this feeling. Gosh, I am in love with her. I, Josh, a gay, became in love with a woman-a different woman. But I know she was in love with Gene, and it still hurts me.

It was our Christmas break, and I got home at 9 PM. Thania was not at my condo, and a note was left on my refrigerator. It says:

Josh, sorry I haven’t told you at the school lately. My parents want me to get home, at our province. I will come back to my apartment before our class resumes.

Be sure you were already a man when I come back. I will knock your head again if you don’t.

- Thania

This girl had surely forgotten to tell this at school. I should’ve hugged her before she left, and tell my feelings for her. She should have felt that someone would miss her. I will try to be a man before she comes back. And if that happen, I will court her, or ask her out.

Weeks have passed, and Gene called me through my cellphone. I answered it. “Gene?”

“Wow. Your voice had changed a lot. Yes, this is me. Thania is here. You and Haydee should come.” She sounded like she was so excited to meet us.

I put on my striped long sleeves shirt, and my jeans. I looked my own reflection at the mirror. I looked so different. I really looked like a man. Except that, I don’t have a beard.

I went at Gene’s apartment and all of them were already there. They were really surprised to see my changes. Thania hasn’t changed. She just took her cap off. All four of us decided to went at the park.

After a few hours at the park, Gene suddenly said, “Guys, I’m sorry I need to get something at home. Haydee, would you come with me?” Haydee agreed, since Gene’s apartment was just a few meters away from the park.

The two of us were left at the park. It felt awkward. Thania suddenly said, “You’ve changed a lot.”

I smiled. “It was because of you. Thanks. You changed me.”

She tapped my back and said, “No problem.”

“And you?” I said. “It seems like you hadn’t changed.”

“It’s hard to change yourself into another person. A lot of effort is needed for a person to change.” She explained. “What made you change by the way?”

“You.” There, I said it. “I changed myself for you.” I saw it in her eyes. She was surprised. I held her hands, and said “I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?” My heart was pounding. This is totally different from what I have felt for Lee.

Her eyes became bright. Then it began to rain. Everybody went out of the park, and ran away. The park was emptied, and there left, the two of us. I received a text from Gene. She said she can’t get out of her room, and we should get inside.

Thania grabbed my hand. “We should go to the apartment. We might catch cold.”

I insisted. I said, “No. We will not leave until you answer my question.”

She was still grabbing my hand. “I will answer it later, so come on.”

I still insisted. “I want the answer now. Just say if it is…” The she kissed my lips.

She lowered her head, and said, “There. That was my answer.” She was about to go away when I grabbed her hands. I pulled her into my arms, and held her tight. We kissed. I still can’t imagine it. Kissing a girl in the rain? I usually do it with men, but it’s my first time with a woman. I am really glad that I met her. She made me felt the feeling that a man can’t give to a gay like me.

We were dripping wet when we went at the apartment. We were trying to hide our smiles but the two of them noticed that there was weird between us.

The two of them looked at us suspiciously, and Haydee asked, “Does anything happen at the park while we were gone?”

Thania and I looked at each other, and chuckled. I tapped their shoulders and said, “It’s none of your business. Let’s just eat.”

Well for me, being a real man won’t seek a woman for its body, but for its heart. It’s never too late to find your true love. Time will come and there will be an alien (a special person) that will come to your life to give a kind of feeling that you haven’t felt before.


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