The Transfer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: The Horror House

...This revealing 9-1-1 call has been obtained by the West Pike News-Sun.



By Ben Francis - Staff Writer


Updated 3:48 PM ET, Mon October 29, 2018

Local Police Dispatcher Jeff (Redacted), 34, has been charged with aggravated assault. The revealing 9-1-1 call was obtained by the West Pike News-Sun and may shed light on what led up to the incident

Here’s a full transcript of the 9-1-1 call.


Incident Number: 12-245812

9:45 PM

New Castle, DE


Dispatcher: 9-1-1, where’s your emergency?


Falls County Dispatcher: It’s Falls County with a transfer. He’s at … West Pike. Sir, go ahead.


Unidentified Male Suspect that identifies himself as Robby: I think we killed him.


Dispatcher: What happened, sir? Who did you kill? Who else is there?


Robby: It wasn’t me though. I mean…I mean. Help me. Can you help him?


Dispatcher: Please verify your location sir.  Are you near West Pike?


Robby: Yes. (Sobs heard)


Dispatcher: What’s your address?


Robby: I can’t. (Sobs get louder)


Dispatcher: Just breath. Take a deep breath.


Robby: (Takes a deep breath and wipes his noise)


Dispatcher: Let’s work our way through this. What’s your name?


Robby: Robby


Dispatcher: What’s your last name?


Unidentified Male Suspect: He never gave… (grunts from male Suspect and a female suspect can be heard)


Dispatcher: Robby! Are you ok?  *Hey Jim, I think these kids are being attacked. Do we have a location yet? No? What the hell? * Help is on the way, Robby.


Unidentified Female Suspect that identifies herself as Molly: Everything is fine. That’s unnecessary. Robby was just having a moment. Weren’t you Robby? Ha! This guy.  (Sobs from the Robby can be heard) Shush.


Robby: I didn’t do it. No, no, no (Inaudible)


Dispatcher: Hello? Who’s this?


Molly: Molly. I’m sorry about Robby. He has an active imagination. Boys, am I right? You get it. We didn’t kill anyone.


Dispatcher: (Deep sigh of relief) So no one is hurt? Did your brother have a bad dream?


Molly: Oh, there’s someone hurt alright. *Giggles* But he’s not dead yet. (Audio fades out as if she has taken her mouth away from the phone) You’re really bad at this! Hurry up!


Dispatcher: What? Whose hurt?


Molly: He doesn’t want you to know. He made us promise and you always keep a promise to someone you love. That’s what daddy taught us.


Dispatcher: Honey, where are your parents?


Molly: Momma’s dead in the ground. Dead in the ground, making no sounds. *Giggles* Just kidding. Momma’s out for groceries.  Daddy’s at work. Always at work. So I’m in charge. (Whisper of an unknown male victim) Heellpp meee…. (Rustling) Shut up. You need to finish! I'M IN CHARGE!!! (Can only be described as several voices speaking at the same time) 


Dispatcher: Jesus, Molly, Robby what’s going on? Who else is there?  Are you being harmed? *Dammit, Jim. Have we tracked the call yet? Almost? We need to help this ki—*


Robby: (Hurried breathing can be heard) Are you there?


Dispatcher: Robby? What happened? Are you ok?


Robby: I’m ok. I got the phone away from Molly. I’m in the bathroom. She’s so mean. She’s going to just let him die. His blood is everywhere.


Dispatcher: Who’s blood?


Robby: He told me not to say. I told him not to. I swear


Dispatcher: (Sigh) Son, I believe you.  I’m going to need the address


Robby: I don’t know. I think we live by the park with the old well. Maybe.


Dispatcher: Windsor Park?


Robby: Yeah! It’s my favorite place.


Dispatcher: Me too. I take my son down to Windsor all the time. You can make wishes at the well. It’s nice


Robby: (Sobs) I’m never going to see it again. I’m gonna die.


Dispatcher: No you aren’t. I’m gonna get you help. I just need a few more clues. Have you ever heard of Sherlock Holmes?


Robby: The detective?


Dispatcher: Yes! I need you to be my detective.


Robby: Ok. I can do that! (Turning of a knob can be heard)


Dispather: Great. Now I know the area well. Are you by Chester near the High schoo-


Molly: --Open the door, Robby…


Dispatcher: Do not open the door. Stay with me. Does your house have anything in the yard? Like a swimming pool or toys?


Robby: Stay out Molly! I’m not scared of you! Dad said I don’t have to listen to you!


Molly: *Giggles* Since when? If you don’t let me in I’m going to kill mom.


Dispatcher: What’s in the yard, Robby?


Robby: Um…eh. Well, I thin-


Molly: -Don’t do it.  (Heard walking away from the door) I’m getting the gun.


Dispatcher: You have a gun in the house?


Robby: Yeah. It’s Dads. He thinks we don’t know where the key is. We do.


Dispatcher: Robby, What kind of gun?


Robby: The big one. It’s really loud.


Dispatcher: Can you get out of the house?


Robby: Yeah. The gun is in the garage. It’s gonna take her awhile.


Dispatcher: Run Robby. Get out and run to the Park. Get to the well. I’ll have an officer meet you there.


Robby: …….


Dispatcher: Robby!


Robby: …ok. (The knob is turned and a creaking sound can be heard)


Dispatcher: (Whispers) Robby?


Robby: (Whisper) I'm almost out.


Dispatcher: (Whisper) You're going to be ok Robby. I'm being told that we have your location. Police are on the way.

*Creaking sound of a door*

Robby: Thanks! I can see the stree... *A loud thud is heard. Rustling sounds of something being draggged can be heard.*

Dispatcher: Robby!

*Slamming of the door is heard*

Molly: I’m awesome possum! Just making my way to the well, ya big dummy! *Giggles* Psych! Got ya!  I think I do a pretty good Bobby. I’d ask Bobby but he’s not awake right now.


Dispatcher: What did you do?


Molly: He shouldn’t have said he wasn’t scared. Lying is not nice.


Dispatcher: What did you do!? *Shut up Jim! I am calm! You want to take this call?*


Molly: Oh, don’t be so serious. I bet you both thought I was getting the gun for reals. But it’s way easier to grab Daddy's bat from under his bed. Boys sure are dumb. Eww. I think I can see his brain. (The sound of the car can be heard) Oh crap.


Dispatcher: Who’s that?


Molly: Don’t tell her I’m here or she’s dead, Shhhh. *Giggles* (A small thud from the phone falling can be heard)


*The distant sound of a door opening can be heard. Door slams closed*


Debra: (Still in the kitchen) *Inaudible*…. are you still up?... What the hell? (Voice gets louder) Who’s phone is--


Dispatcher: *Jim! No! I'm not getting off the call! What do you mean I need to sit do-*


Debra: Hello! Who’s this?


Dispatcher: Ma’am, I’m with the West Pike County Police Dep-


Debra: Jake?


Dispatcher: …Debra? Oh my god. Get out of the house!


Debra: Baby, you’re scaring me. What’s going on?


Dispatcher: I’ll explain later. But I need you to grab Devon and get out of the house. Police are seconds away. It’s going to be ok, but I need you to be careful. There might be someone else in the house. Move!


Debra: Jesus. I’m moving babe. (Yells away from the phone) Devon! Devon! (Loud knocking) His door’s locked!  (A loud scream)


Dispatcher: Debra!


Debra: (Sobs) …Ther…there’s blood coming from below his door. Devon! Devon! (The sound of the door creaking open can be heard) The…the door just opened from the inside.


Dispatcher: Wait! Please just wait! Anybody could be in there. The cops are right outside!


Debra: Stop! I’m getting our boy! (Door pushes open)


Dispatcher: DEBRA!! *Get off me! I have to get home! (Officers restrain Jeff)


Devon: (Distorted voice) Hi Mom …. (High screech and white noise interlaced with screams and then silence)


Molly and Robby(?): (Whispers) Daddy…


Dispatcher: Who the Hell are you! What have you done to my family!!!


Dial tone……


West Pike News-Sun has learned that officers entered the residence of Jeff and Debra (Redacted) at 9:15 pm. A baseball bat covered in blood was found in the kitchen. Blood tests were inconclusive. Devon’s fingerprints were the only ones present on the bat. A small disposable phone was found by Debra (Redacted). Detectives were able to ascertain that the phone was purchased by Devon the night before. Debra was found in the small bedroom on her knees, staring at her son in an unresponsive, catatonic state. Debra was hospitalized and remains in the care of Falls County Clinic. The lone 12-year-old child Devon(Redacted) was found on his bedroom floor with a serrated bread knife in his right hand. His face had been removed and he was attempted to remove the skin on his neck when he was restrained by officers and given emergency first aid. The victims face has yet to be found. Blood loss was substantial and Devon had to be put into a medically induced coma. Victims blood tests came back clean for drugs and alcohol. No evidence was found of forced entry into the home. Neighborhood witnesses claim that Devon spent most of the day prior at Windsor Park by the old well. They claim he was by himself. Though one witness (A former classmate) claims he appeared to talking to himself. Dispatcher Jeff (redacted assaulted and hospitalized Jim(Redacted). As a result, Jeff was let go. He’s currently on bail awaiting trial. His benefits have been withheld. Jeff also filed lawsuit against West Pike County Police which is currently litigation. Finally, the Well was investigated and two names were found to have been carved into the side of the well. Presumably by a knife. Molly and Robby.

Submitted: September 14, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Ricardo Mojica. All rights reserved.

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This was a brilliant piece of horror flash told in an unusual but very effective way. Excellent!

Sat, September 15th, 2018 7:57pm


Thank you. I'm trying to experiment with my writing. I appreciate the feedback.

Sun, September 16th, 2018 1:17pm


Wow! This gripped me almost instantly. Very disturbing and I love that you didnt explain completely what happened - it's so much scarier to be left to think about it myself. Awesome work!

Thu, November 26th, 2020 11:51am

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