The Gift

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Two beautiful girls, one nice one rude, end up with two life altering gifts

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Once there was a family blessed with two beautiful daughters, they were the prettiest girls in their whole village. One daughter, named Lillah, was as beautiful as she was kind. She had glossy black hair that hung just past her hips, stunning blue eyes, a perfect figure, and a mind as sharp as a tack. Her sister on the other hand was cruel and rude. Her name was Charra and she was completely hateful. She had long black hair like her sister, green eyes, and she wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed. She was jealous of her sister because she was extremely smart and was so nice and everyone liked her.

One day, Lillah’s hateful mother sent her to the well to fetch some fresh water. Since Lillah was so kind, she did as her mother asked and walked the short distance from her house to the well. When she arrived, she noticed an old women sitting on the bottom step of the well.

“Excuse me dearie, but would you fetch me some water? My old legs don’t do well with the steps” The old women asked

“I would be honored to help you.” Lillah said as she walked up the steps to get the water. After a few moments she returned with a bucket full of water and a ladle for her to drink out of. She took a small sip then said, “I wish to reward you for your kindness. Since you are so kind, I’ll allow you to speak good things. Every time you speak, flowers and gems will fall from your lips.” And with that said, she placed a kiss on Lillah’s cheek and disappeared. She stood there, stunned, then picked up her water bucket and walked home without uttering a word.

As soon as she walked through the door, her mother was yelling and screaming at her because of how long she took. “I’m sorry mother-“ she started to say, but stopped because as soon as those words were spoken, beautiful gems and flowers fell from her lips. She stared in amazement at what just happened. “Where did those come from? How did this happen to you?” Her mother exclaimed.

“There was an old women at the well and she asked for some water so I got some for her and she thanked me with this gift, then she disappeared.” Lillah explained as more and more flowers and gems fell from her lips.

“Alright,” she said, as she formed a plan to help Charra, “I need you to go fetch some corn from the market right away. Now go!” She yelled, and Lillah hurried away. “Charra, come here darling. I want you to go to the well and fetch us some more water. When you get there, find the old woman your sister was talking about and offer her some water, she will then give you the same gift that she gave your sister and you will be famous and go live with the prince. Run along now sweetie, you don’t want to risk her leaving.” She said as she nudged Charra towards the well.

Charra walked to the well where, instead of an old woman sitting on the steps, there was a young boy. “Could you get me some water, please?” he asked in a shaking voice.

“No! Why would I waste my time on you? I’m looking for old women, not a scrawny little brat like you, now scram.” She sneered at the poor boy. Then right before her eyes, the boy changed into an old woman.

“You are a hateful young women, but still I shall help you. Until you have kindness in your heart, everything you speak will be as hateful as your soul.” She said. She then disappeared after placing a kiss on Charra’s cheek.

“What did you-“ She started to say, but stopped when a snake and two toads fell from her lips. She ran home crying to her mother, who after hearing a few words of her story, told her to keep her mouth shut and stay in her room. Lillah got home and told her mother the king wanted her to go stay at the palace. She packed her things and walked back to town, leaving her sister locked in her room and her mother staring, open mouthed as she walked away.

When she arrived at the palace she was awestruck. Everything was made of gold and silver, with intricate patterns all over. Everyone was nice to her, except the prince. He instantly didn’t like her because the king was paying close attention to her. The king was always pushing the two of them together, sending them on errands, having them sit next to one another at dinners, and putting their rooms next to each other. They were eventually able to stand talking to each other and because good friends.

On warm nights the two of them would sit on their balconies and talk. They talked about their parents, the world, and everything else under the stars. Slowly but surely, Lillah began to fall in love with the prince. She knew she couldn’t say anything; he was royalty and is supposed to marry a princess. So she just kept her feelings to herself. But what she didn’t know was that the prince was already in love with her and planned on asking his father if he could marry her.

One night, Lillah went out onto her balcony to talk to the prince like she did every night before bed, but he wasn’t there. Instead there was a note on her railing. It told her to go to the center of the garden. She was extremely confused, but walked out there to anyways. When she got to the center, she was surprised to see the prince sitting there on one of the stone benches. “What are you doing here” She asked, with a confused inflection.

“I needed to get you down here, so I could talk to you. The reason I wasn’t on my balcony is because I was talking to my father. I was talking to him about my future.” He let his voice trail off.

Lillah’s eyes started tearing up, all she could think was that he was going to leave, stop talking to her and find some other girl. He was going to cut her out of his life and she didn’t know how to stop it. “What about your future?” she asked her voice barely more than a whisper.

“I talked to him about my future with you. Lillah, I’m in love with you. I have been for some time. I just haven’t known how to tell you.  You’re such an amazing woman, and if you’ll allow it, I’ll try my hardest to always make you happy. Your one of the most important people in my life, and I hope you will say yes, but if you don’t I’ll still stay with you. What do you say Lillah? Will you spend forever with me?” He said with hopeful eyes.

“What took you so long to say something? I fell in love with you real close to the beginning of me being here.” She said as she ran into his arms. The two of them got married and eventually took over the kingdom after the king gave up the thrown. They lived happily ever after.

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