The terriable fate

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I made this when I was 12, so it's not the best

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Section 1

The tale went like this:

There is too be a girl. she will come to us for her mother will give her up to be raised as the tribal child. She will be braver than any of our most fearsome warriors past and present. She will be the savior of our people. she will be drawn to the woods and the Askadelia that lie within. While this is a blessing it is also a curse. if she does not want to save our people than she will not. For that is the way her spirit will side. If she does not get over her feelings for him than she will be the death of us all for the Askadelia is a race the we, the people, created.

We asked the gods for a weapon that would help us from the men of other tribes. They would come out of the woods and take the women to their tribes and we never would see them again. Without our women gone, our tribe was almost extinguished. Then we got the Askadelia from the gods. They did not want our tribe to disappear. The Askadelia helped get our women back by killing the other tribe. It was terrible to see, he ripped them apart and slurped up the blood like he had been in the dessert for a week without water, but we were thankful still. But then, all of a sudden he changed. He started saying that he was sent to save and rule us. We banished him to woods with our wooden spears. They seam its only weakness. But it also took one girl with him and later she returned but she was not the same. It seemed that all she wanted was to go back to him and we could not understand why. So all we could do is tie her to a tree . But one night, she gnawed thought the ropes and then was gone but before she left she made a baby drink some of her blood and that is how we came to have the one who is to save us from him. It is all thanks to the one that he took. If it were not for her descendants, then we would have no chance against him. But that is also why they all fall in love with him, somehow the part of her that makes them fall in love still managed to go from child to child. He keeps them until another is born. Next he kills the old one and tries to get the new one and then the cycle goes on and on again.

This is the story of a girl who was meant to save the people of her tribe from the terrible Askadelia. The Askadelia was the horrible creature that looked human, walked human, talked in a rich velvet voice and that even sounded human. Every part of him screamed danger to everyone, everyone but the girl named Nala. She was a tiny thing, no more than five foot two, had pale blue eyes, the kind of blue that Siberian Huskies have, hair the color of night that she always wore in a braid, and skin the color of dark sand. She was sixteen. She was pretty, prettier than most of the other girls in her village but if you ever told her that before the next word, was out of your mouth your jaw was hurting that you would think a bee came out of nowhere and stung you. The only problem with Nala was that she could not help but feel drawn to the woods after dark almost as if something was calling to her. This may sound strange to you but Nala was different.

You see Nala was not like every girl. Nala was abnormal. She was not afraid of anything, not of fighting with the boys,(even though some of them were bigger the two of her), or even when the Sacred Bear came to take away an elder, even though everyone else was terrified. No, Nala was not afraid of anything, except her destiny. She wanted nothing more but then to be able to choose what she wanted to do with her life.

Here is how the most important council meeting went, this is where they decided Nala's fate:

the day will be on the summer solstice. That is when she will be brought out to get rid of him. Between now and then he will try to change her into one of him like many before her we cannot allow it our supplies are getting very low soon we will have no choice but to go and hunt in the woods and then he will get her for she will join the hunt because she is our best hunter. We must start eating in smaller amounts make sure the women and children eat first then the hunters. We cannot let her out of this village she is our last hope. If we lose her we will have to wait another 10 years for another like her. For she is the strongest one that we have had and she has lasted the longest. We must make sure that she always has a wooden dagger with her wherever she goes. She will sleep with a wooden dagger under her pillow every night, she will have a wooden dagger with her even when she bathes, no matter where she is she must have a dagger. That is the end of this meeting.

Nala was about to go out with a hunting party when Yoko ran up to her.

"Nala, the chief wants to talk about you, he said it had to do with the solstice," she said. Yoko had black hair and brown eyes she was a pretty little girl a no more than twelve years old almost marrying age only four more years.

"OK run and tell him that I will be there when I get back from my hunting trip."

"NO you have to come now he told me to tell you to stop whatever else you are doing and come he said that if you did not come that he would send you and your brother back to the other village." Not if he wants Askadelia gone he will not she thought but all she said was

"I'm' coming" She was so upset that she would not even talk to Yoko because she did not want to yell at the little girl for something that was not her fault and she was saving that for the chief.


Section 2

She was almost there when she caught a glimpse of the woods there he was at the edge. he was looking at the village, not at the village but at me she thought. She was just about to walk out of the village when Yoko almost tripped and fell. Yoko, she thought, you just saved my life. Yoko, her name means night, that is funny because she is afraid of the night almost as much as I am of THEM. She thought. Them the elders they do not let me do anything at all. They barely let me go out on hunting parties, even though I am the best hunter. She was almost to his hut when she heard a nose, it was like a deer but louder, and it seemed like it was calling to her.

She asked Yoko " Do you here a noise?"

She replied "no" and that was all she said. So that was how she new that Yoko heard it to but didn’t want anyone to know that she heard it.

"Yoko, you know that the elders say that I'm the one who is to save our village from Askadelia, but the truth is that I don't want to do it. He calls to me at night. I hear him. He does not talk just moans to me and when I ask if anyone else hears it they all say that but they all say that they hear nothing. It scares me because I want to go to him. Yoko, I have had to tie my arm to the stove. So that I will not go into the woods, Yoko, I need you to tell me that you hear it to or else I will lose my mind."

"Yes Nala I hear him to. He calls to me the same."Just then they got to the chief's hut.

"Why have you interrupted my hunting party? It was the first one since my first hunt and the elders were finally going to let me go on and you stopped it. How could you do this to me? The first time, and you went and killed it like my first deer. What do you what do you want of me? I am sure that you would not just summon me just cause you missed me."

" I did not summon you just because I missed you, I summoned you because the council has decided that on the summer solstice you will go and rid us of the Askadelia," at that exact moment Nala's face went pale white," and you have to decide how you will do this. Are you going to go in there and kill him? Or are you going to let him kill you like your sisters?"

"I do not have any sisters my mother died after giving birth to my brother."

" No she did not, you have had at least six other sisters. And your mother is still alive with your father and younger sister in another village. The elders did not want you to be come attached to her so they had her give you up to this village so early. They wanted you not to become attached to your village, your people anything. They brought you here so that you would be willing to do anything for us." he said to her. . His real name was Kunnan, but nobody in the village would call him that only she did. He was young, no more than . He had jet-black hair just like everyone in the village. He had dark brown eyes. So dark they were almost black. She never told anyone but she was in love with him. The only problem is that he was betrothed to Kenyan she is not worthy of him, Nala thought.

Kenyan was a small girl about nineteen. She had dark black hair, brown eyes and she was an evil person. She was mean to everyone around her except for Kunnan. She was chosen for him because they would make strong children. But we would have strong children, right? She thought, do not ask questions that you are not prepared to answer. The little voice in her head told her. Just then she realized that Kunnan was telling her to go catch up with her hunting party when the was a loud noise from outside.


Section 3

He walked out and asked, "what is wrong?"

"Its Yoko she is gone. the last that anyone saw of her was when she and Nala were walking to your cabin." someone answered. She could not tell because they all were there. Then they all looked at her.

"The last that I saw of her, she and Amur were over by the woods."

"And you just let them go?"

"What was I to do? Just leave you there just to go yell at them?"

"Where is Amur?" Kunnan asked. Then he started walking towards him so slowly that his mother dragged him up.

"Where did Yoko go? He asked. Amur said

"HE took her said that I had to give you this. HE said that you new how to read this. Then he dragged Yoko in to the woods and was gone." he started to sob.

"What do the words mean?" another person asked. as Kunnan read the words Nala's heart stopped:


I will return Yoko to you if you give me the one that I want. without her the other will die and her body will be on your doorstep. I will tell you once the one that I want is the girl you call Nala. She is the one that you will send to the edge of the woods to deliver her to me where she belongs. Come to me my love and we will live forever.

"What are we going to do? How are we going to get Yoko back?" Her mother asked.

"We can not give her up she is to kill him." Said Kunnan.

"Where is she?" Then Kunnan had a terrible thought. "Did anyone see her go out to the woods?" he asked

"Yes"said Amur "She just passed me. Why?"

"She is going to give herself up to him to get Yoko back and if she does that then she and Yoko will be killed. Wait here is what we are going to do. Warriors go and get your wood spears and sneak around the other side of the woods and get rid of him forever and we will save Nala and Yoko" Kunnan said. There was something about the way that he said Naiad's name that made them all wonder if this was even about Yoko or if this was just about Nala. I think that I am in love with Nala. if she is still alive after this I will be marry her instead of Kenyan, she is just to mean. he thought and ran after the hunters.

Section 4

I am going to kill him, she thought, its bad enough that she hears him to but now he has her. She stole a quick glance behind he and did not like what she saw. About five miles behind her were the rest of the hunters and they were running to ketch up to her. I have to run faster, she thought. And she increased her speed by twenty steps per min. When she got to the edge of the woods he was there.

"So you have come," He said.

"Yes I have. Now where is Yoko?"

"She has decided to stay with me and you. She will be just like our pet."

"She will be our nothing. I am going to kill you, then I shall go home and tell Kunnan that I love him and then I will leave my village." Nala replied.

"No, no, my love you and I are going to leave here and we shall live forever. We will leave now, my love." and with that said he picked her up and ran away just as Kunnan got there.

"Nala, I love you." Kunnan hollered.

"Chief, Did you just tell her that you love her?" asked Sang

"Yes, i did Kenyan is just to mean. So now when we rescue Yoko and Nala I will tell her that she will be my wife when the time comes."

"Let me go." Nala said as she was being carried away from Kunnan. He just told me that he loves me, she thought.

"I should turn around and kill him, love. Just for speaking to you." He said to her.

"You kill him and you kill me. I love him too." She said.

"Now my love, you don’t mean that. When we get to my home, forgive me, our home, and you have excepted that you love me and that you want to be like me you will come back here and I will let you kill him." He told her. "Here we are my love, now you may go in and see that your friend Yoko is alright and that I have not harmed her, because a friend of yours is a friend of mine." he said.

The house was made of wood, white birch, to be more specific. It blended in to the forest all but that one window that was facing the sun. Well if I don’t go in now I never will. She though and took a step, then another, and another. She pushed open the door, and inside was Yoko looking like a lost puppy, her black hair in knots.

"Hello Nala, what took you so long? You’re all that he talks about. He talks about your hair, voice, all that stuff." She said in a voice that sounded like it was she that missed Nala.

"Yoko, you’ve got to leave here now. he is going to try to make me like him and he might do that to you to. I don't want that to happen." Nala said.

"But I love Amur and he is promised to a girl who is not worthy of him and I do not want to see them together." She said.

"Yoko, what of you’re mother? How do you think she will say of this? Won’t she be worried?"

" I don’t know. But I want to stay here with you."

"He must have done something to you. Yoko Kunnan said that he loves me and I love him to. I will get out of here, defeat the Askadelia, and then you and I will go back to the village and I will marry Kunnan and I will get rid of the rule that the elders have put that says who you marry. You will marry whoever you want."

"Nala, do you mean that? If you do I will help you with Teldi. But you have to promise me."

"Yoko, I promise you that I will change the rules so you can marry whom ever or you want to. And what did you call him?"

"I called him Teldi. That is what his name is. He said that our tribe gave him that name because we thought that he’s evil. But he said he’s not he just wants to get you so that the two of you could live together forever."

Then out of nowhere Teldi came back with a deer. "I lead them off our trail by making a new one." He told them. But what he didn’t know was that the hunters had followed his fake trail, but followed his trial right to the cabin.

Section 5

Kunnan was the first one to realize that the Askadeila had lead them on a false trail.

"He has not been this way you see these branches, he has lead us a false trail so that he has time to get away. Turn around. We must go the other way that is the only way that he could have gone. Now run!" And the hunters set off. Kunnan was in the lead followed by four others. They were the best in the tribe. i must find her if I don't I don't know what will happen, Kunnan thought.

" Teldi, I don't know why your doing this but you at least have to let Yoko leave. She is very young and I think that she is just upset and that is why she said that she wants to stay here. I know that if it was up to me I would stay here. I'm glad that I'm here with you." Nala told him.

If I just pretend to like him then he will let his guard down just enough for me to kill him. She thought.

"You are lying Nala I can tell when you lie," he said, "but if you want the other girl gone I can make that happen" just then he barred his teeth and took a step towards Yoko. She screamed, and Nala yelled.

"Don't you dare touch her. When I said to let her go I meant that you let her go back to the village." she hollered.

" but Nala if I did that then she would lead the others to you and I can't allow you to leave, because if I did that then you would never come back." he said.

" do you really love me that much?"

"yes I do Nala. How many times do I have to tell you that? You are my life.?

"well the more that I think about it the chief is kind of boring. And you are so exciting. Why don't we let Yoko go out side and we can be alone?"

" yes Yoko you should go outside. We would like to be alone for a while. And if you want you can wonder through the woods and try to get back to the village, alright?"

Yoko left and then they were kissing. Some how Nala managed to get a wood dagger that while they were kissing slid out of her long-sleeved shirt so silently that she didn't even hear it. Just keep cool. Don't let him think that there is any thing different about us and he'll never suspect anything. She thought. Then just as soon as his guard was completely down she plunged the

dagger right through his back. He looked up at her in alarm and then his eyes went still. He was dead.


Section 6

Then Nala was crying. Somehow she got into Kunnan's arms.

"I know that I had to do it but I didn't know that it would hurt this much." she said.

" Shh. It's OK. Nala everything will be fine when we get back there will be a celebration."

" a celebration for what?

" a celebration for two things. First for you defeating the Askadelia, and second for our wedding ceremony."

" Kunnan do you mean it? We will be bonded? But what about Kenyan? Will she not be angry?"

" I don't care if she will be angry. Nala you are the only one that I care about. No one else but you."

"Do you mean it? You do not care at all?"

"No, now lets go back to the village. I will send Sanj ahead so that the village will know that you are well and that we will have our bonding ceremony as soon as we get back."

Sanj left running ahead and then they walked, following their paths. They left the woods and came to find a women walking towards them. It was Kenyan.

"How could you do this to us? we were going to be bonded then Sanj comes back and says that the two of you will be bonded. Well I don't think so. The two of us will be bonded and Nala will be driven away alright?" she screamed.

"Now, Kenyan leave us be and you can bond any one you want the only reason that you wanted to be bonded to me is because you wanted the powers that cane with it. now leave you are banished from the village. Good-bye Kenyan."

Kenyan let out a huge wail and ran into the woods. They ran back to the village only to find the robes that they would be wearing all laid in their tepee. The ceremony went well and they live happily ever after and Nala changed the rule that let the elders pick who was married. And Yoko was married to Amur and Kenyan was never seen again and it is thought that she died alone in another tribe after none was powerful enough.

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