Two String Story

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Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013




“Here we are again. You know, I didn’t think that I would be able to get you to come back to this house. But all I had to do was say I needed you and you came. I’m glad you did. I’ve missed you” Amber said to her ex-boyfriend Jack. She closed her eyes lost in the memories of the two of them together in the old beaten down house.

“I really doubt that. I never would have guessed that after what you did I’d even still talk to you. I don’t even know why I came here.” He replied.

“It’s because you miss me.” She whispered.

“No, that’s not what it is. I just wanted to make sure you were ok. I would feel terrible if anything bad happened and I could have prevented it.”

“You can’t lie to me. I’ve always been able to tell when you’re lying. But I do need your help. It’s just with something that I can’t talk to you about until you agree to help. I really need it.” She said with a tear falling down her cheek.

He sighed, and said, “Alright, I’ll help you with whatever you need. Just start at the beginning.”

She walked over and sat on the bench, motioning for him to sit down also. Then she  began telling him where she’d been and what has happened over the past four months.


The three of them were walking towards the cliff trying to get the necessary information out of their informant. When they got to the edge of the cliff he finally started talking.

“Ok, I saw her in town at Jay’s Market. She kept glancing over her shoulder like she expected someone to come and grab her. She paid in cash, and then practically sprinted out of the store.”

“Where did she go?” Robert asked him. We are so close to finding her. If we lose the trail now, we’ll be back to square one. He thought.

“I think she’s renting a condo around here. Maybe on the North side. I don’t know where exactly. Can I have my money now?”

“I’ve got a better idea.” Damien said as took a step toward the older man and shoved him over the side of the twenty foot cliff. He and his partner, Robert, then calmly walked back to their car, got in it, and drove to the motel they were staying at.


“So that’s what’s happened. That’s the reason I had to leave right after we broke up. I couldn’t even talk to you, because I had to run. You have to believe me. But I swear I’m not lying!!”

“I don’t know. It’s kind of a farfetched story.” He said with a look of uncertainty on his face. “Why did you come back now? If they were chasing you, how’d you get away?”

“They just gave up. I’d managed to stay far enough ahead of them that I settled down somewhere in North Carolina. Then after six months they hadn’t found me, so I finally came home. I’m pretty sure that they’ve stopped looking for me. So now I can go back and start college.” She said with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I think I should go home now. I have to finish packing my stuff from my parents’ house and moving it to my new apartment. “

“Ok. Do you need a ride?” He asked with almost barely concealed hope.

“Yes thank you. Normally I’d drive my car, but I don’t have one right now. They could have used my license plate to track me, so I didn’t buy a car.”

With that said the two of them got into the car. They drove home in silence. She got out, said goodbye and walked to the front door. Before she could open it, she noticed that there was a piece of paper on the front porch. It read: We’ve found you. We’ll be seeing each other very soon. She gasped and turned to look at Jack for some kind of help, but he was already gone.

That night, she laid in her bed and thought of what to do. She could run allow them to force her from her home or stay and face them. She stayed awake for a long time thinking. She decided finally that she was going to stay. There was no way that she was leaving her home again. She had just gotten back and finally started to be happy not scared when she received that note. The only thing that it had done was make her even angrier. She closed her eyes and fell asleep with the thought that in the morning, she was going to put her plan in action.


With the note dropped off on her front porch, Robert walked back to his car. Things would be much simpler if she would just come quietly. Then we wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble. He shook his head and drove away. When he got to the hotel, Damien was sitting there waiting to discuss the plan. “Ok, so here’s what we’re going to do. Once she reads the second note that you placed on her front porch, we’re going to go and meet at her house. Tomorrow morning at 10:00 were going to go and talk to her, hopefully this time she won’t run away.” Damien said.

“As long as you don’t try to abduct her this time, she probably won’t run away.” Robert said with sarcasm laced heavily through his voice.

Damien stood up and started pacing. “That was an accident. You know how much we need her, and we couldn’t afford to wait for her. But now that we’ve wasted almost a year on this, we only have one option. Get her help, or we wipe her memory. Those are our only options. We’ll go talk to her in the morning.”

“That’s what we’ll have to do. Good night.” Robert said as he went into his bed and went to sleep.


Amber awoke with a start. She sat up, walked to the front door and opened it. On the welcome mat, instead of her mail, was another note. It read: We’re coming to meet at 10:00. We need to talk. She glanced at her clock to find that it was 8:30. She took a quick shower then was off to town to buy what she needed. She got home at 9:15 with brown hair dye, colored contacts, and a pistol. She quickly dyed her hair, and put in the contacts. At exactly 10:00 there was a knock on the door.

She ran to her front door, put on a fake smile, and opened the door. Her smile faltered a little when she saw the two men, but she still thought it was convincing enough. “Hello, can I help you?”

“Amber, just because you dye your hair doesn’t make you a different person. We still know it’s you.” Damien said with a fake smile.

By this point Amber was completely terrified. “What do you want?”

“Can we come in? We have much to talk about. The last time we tried to talk to you, you packed up and ran. But this time I hope you don’t opt for that option.”

She moved out of the way and allowed them to enter her kitchen. When they got to the island, she motioned for them to sit down at the kitchen table. She took her coffee pot and put it on the burner. Next she went to the fridge and got out some eggs then moved to the cupboard and got out a pan. “So what is it exactly that you need from me?” She asked as she was cooking her breakfast. She was trying so hard to remain calm when all she really wanted was to run out of there and not come back until they left.

“We need your help. We need you to come help us with our research. We’re working on a way to get rid of cancer. And before you ask why we need you, the answer is your blood. You have some of the rarest anti-bodies that could be used for working on a cure. We were going to ask you to come help us the first time you saw us, but Damien kind of jumped the gun and didn’t allow us the chance to talk to you.” Robert said. Damien’s face turned to a look of confusion when Robert mentioned the cure for cancer, but he quickly wiped the look off his face. But not before Amanda had seen it.

“Yeah, that’s because he tried to abduct me. He jumped out of a car and tried to grab me. You can’t blame me for running away. Then when you started stalking my house, I decided to pack up and run. Maybe if you had tried to just tell me what it is that you needed me to do, and then I might have decided to help you. But now I just don’t know.”

Right then Damien jumped up, and said, “We don’t have time for this.” As he started to move around the counter towards her and she screamed. She jumped up, pulled her pistol out from behind her and pointed it at him. He stopped dead in his tracks. “Let’s all just calm down”, Robert said, “Damien, come over here and sit down. You’re going to scare her even more then you already have. Amber, please forgive him, he’s got a little bit of a temper.” Damien slowly moved back to his seat, so Amber went back to her eggs which were a tad bit burnt. She put the gun in the lower center of her back and went to get a cup and plate. She put the eggs on her plate and poured some coffee in her cup. “I would offer you some coffee, but I’m afraid you’ll break my cup and make a mess.” She said in between bites of her eggs.

“So will you help us? We desperately need your help.” Robert said, with a calm voice.

“What will I need to do? If I decide to help you that is. Will I have to leave? Will I be able to come home again?” She asked

“All you’ll need to do is come with us to Nebraska. Yes, you’ll have to leave. You’ll need to come with us to Nebraska for about a month. We’ll pay you come with us, and then when this is all done, you’ll never have to see us again.”

“And what if I say no? I don’t go and help you. Will you still follow me around? Or will you just go away? And how do I know if your actually who you say you are? What if your actually some kind of kidnapper?”

Damien snorted, “If we were going to kidnap you, do you honestly think that we would have taken the time to explain what we need you for when we could easily have taken you last night while you were sleeping? We already know where you live; it probably wouldn’t be that hard to break in here.”

“Well I don’t know. How do I know that all this isn’t part of your plan to kidnap me?”

“Listen, we’ll let you have tonight to think about it. We’ll be back tomorrow morning to get your answer.”

With that said they got up, and left her kitchen. She went over to her wall and called Jack begging him to come over because she really needed him. She was on the verge of tears, so he agreed.


The two of them walked off Amber’s front porch to their car. “Where did the curing cancer come from?” Damien asked. “Well think about it, if we told her we needed her to bribe her parents into giving us the money we need, do you think that she’d go with us?” Robert replied. As they got into the car and drove away, as they were coming down the road from her house they spotted a blue dodge driving past them. Robert looks in the rear-view mirror and see’s the car pull into Amanda’s drive-way. “Why did someone just show up at her house?” Robert screams angrily. He slams on the breaks and pulls a quick U-turn and goes back to her house.

“What does she think that she’s doing? If she’s told someone, then that could put my entire plan in jeopardy. We’ve got to go in there and find out who that is.” Damien just stared in shock at Robert, whose face was contorted with anger. This wasn’t what he’d signed up for; he was just a hired mercenary. His only job was to kill as necessary. But what was he so post to do when the person he was to kill was an innocent girl? He’d been thinking about this since Robert first told him that he would have to kill the girl, Amanda. He was going to bail on Robert and go back to his work elsewhere. He couldn’t bring himself to kill someone who reminded him so much of his little sister.


Amanda watched quietly as Jack drove up her drive-way. He walked up to her front porch, nocked twice, before he just came in. She ran to him bawling and explaining what was happening. About how the strange men had come and how they had lied about curing cancer to get her to come with them. Just as soon as she was finished telling him, the door was thrown open.

Jack was thrown against the wall by Robert, who was yelling at her saying that she had to leave now and that Jack was going to be killed because of what she’d told him. Amanda couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t allow anything bad to happen to Jack. So she did the only thing she could. She pulled out the pistol she’d forgotten she had, and before Robert could say anything, she’d shot him, point-blank in the chest.

Amanda collapsed to the ground sobbing, cradling Jack’s head which was bleeding from a cut on his forehead. Damien rushed in, holding a 9 millimeter. Amanda held up her gun, but didn’t have any energy left to keep it up. She told Damien, “I don’t care what you do to me, just leave Jack alone.”

All Damien did was knelt down to the ground, and took the gun from her hands. He walked to the wall to grab her phone. He dialed 911 and gave the phone to her. “Tell them a strange man broke in and he had thrown your friend while you were in your bedroom, so you grabbed your gun and shot him. Tell them your friend needs help, and you don’t know what to do. Give them your address and wait here.”

“What about you? Aren’t you going to take me with you?” She asked, tears flowing down her cheeks.

“I’m just hired, and since my employer’s dead, I’m a free man. I’m leaving now, it would be best if you just forgot about me being here. Just remember, you’ve never seen me or this man before in your entire life.” He said with the most serious look she’d ever seem on a man before.

He walked out the door, and out of her life. The police arrived, and took Jack to the hospital where they stitched up his cuts and released him a couple of hours later. Amanda drove him home, where she stayed while the police where cleaning up her condo. She never saw Damien again and wondered often about where he was and what he was doing.

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