Covid-19 Effect on Mental Health

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A look at Covid-19's effect on our mental health.

In a world where there’s so much division, there’s one thing which we can all agree on and that is: we can’t wait to see the back of 2020. Although 2021 doesn’t guarantee us with a positive outlook, 2020 has been a year where we’ve all had to deal with mass changes to our lives, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Mental health has been a key talking point in recent years; especially amongst young people. Under normal circumstances, mental health has been a challenge for many; for various reasons. The impact of Covid-19 has only increased that.

According to The Health Foundation, 69% of adults in the UK are worried about effect Covid-19 is having on their life. The most common issues affecting wellbeing is worrying about the future (63%), feeling stressed or anxious (56%) and feeling bored (49%).

Adding to the current stresses everyone faces in life, having to deal with losing your job and being stuck inside for months is not good for anyone’s mental well-being.

It’s not just adults that struggle with mental health. Radical changes towards the way in which we live has had a big effect on younger people; who are used to socialising and enjoying their down time.

I’ve been lucky enough to not suffer any mental health challenges, but we’ve all had periods of worry and anxiety at various points in our life. I have friends who have lost their jobs and have had issues financially; it can’t be easy.

The last few months have made me realise that the simple things we do in life can have a massive difference on someone else. We’ve been on lockdown for the majority of 2020. Sending a simple text message or a quick phone call to check up on a family member or friend could be a great help. Unfortunately, we have lost friends and family in 2020 due to Covid and other reasons.

Nobody knows what will happen going forward, but it’s important to speak up if you are struggling. This may not necessarily be to an organisation, but a trusted friend or family member. Your mental health is important, and if not taken care of, it could easily head down in the wrong direction.

One thing to remember is tough times don’t last forever; at some point, you will come out the other side – one way or another. Try and maintain a positive mindset and do something that makes you happy (safely of course). This may be: working out, taking a walk, listening to music, reading a book, watching your favourite TV show or having regular zoom calls with friends and family.

Your mindset determines how your day goes. With all the trouble the world is in and the future of the economy a serious concern, it’s natural to worry and be anxious.

All we can do is look after ourselves, support each other and hope for the best.


Submitted: October 21, 2020

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