The David Thomas Show

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Do you know this man?

How’s it going, David? Beer’s cheap in this place.

Oblivious to both sentences, Dave stares out into space.

His eyes glazed cold and mouth turned down in a less-than-friendly face.

Welcome to the David Thomas Show.


Alan talks to Andrew. David interrupts.

It’s his very strong conviction that the government’s corrupt.

Interjection over, the silence is abrupt.

Time out on the David Thomas Show.


Turn on, tune in, pay attention please. Now don’t you touch that dial!

He’ll offer random words of advice but you’ll rarely see him smile.


Then Dave chats to Al and Andrew, offers them advice.

He addresses them like they’re not quite there; he’s TV’s Mr Nice.

His life’s a piece o’drama. Here, have another slice!

Soundbites from the David Thomas Show.


The lady calls last orders at ten minutes to two.

Andrew and Alan climb in a cab. Dave Thomas climbs in too.

He tells the driver where to go and, when there, what to do.

Directing on the David Thomas Show.


So where you off, tomorrow Al? The divorce courts did you say?

I’ll tag along if you don’t mind; I’ve nothing planned that day.

I’ve had a thousand lawyers and I never had to pay,

Just gave them slots on the David Thomas Show.


He’s a living, breathing encyclopaedia but too big for his shelf.

In his passport it says “expert”, written in biro by himself.


He clambers from the taxi, leaving them to pay the fare.

He doesn’t stop to say Goodbye and neither really cares.

A frown of concentration and his head’s once more elsewhere.

Goodnight, God Bless and Thanks – it’s time to go.

Tune in same time tomorrow for the David Thomas Show.

Submitted: March 05, 2008

© Copyright 2023 Richard Elliott. All rights reserved.

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October O

This is all very sinister, old chap.David Thomas seems to be the type who will go berserk in Wetherspoons one day wearing only action trousers and a necklace of goat's teeth. Just a hunch...

Wed, March 5th, 2008 1:43am


You may be right - stay tuned!

Tue, March 4th, 2008 5:46pm


Wilder ride than the taxi

Wed, March 5th, 2008 3:52am


And just as uncomfortable! Thanks for reading, poewhit!

Wed, March 5th, 2008 12:03pm


I think I met Davis Thomas once, tried to give me mortgage advice even though I was talking about football. He was wearing dungarees.

Wed, March 5th, 2008 12:45pm


Dungarees and mortgage advice - an eldritch combination, to be sure!

Wed, March 5th, 2008 12:01pm


Richard Elliott:

Yes! We are all guests. Trapped on the stage of a show. Hosted by someone else who may not be so entertaining. To us. Or to themselves. As long as it has a long enough run and, at the same time, all are paid.

Happier trails,

Ed Bradley.

Sat, March 8th, 2008 9:00pm


Life is a cabaret, as they say!

Fri, April 11th, 2008 8:16pm


Listeners can be more popular than 'talkers'. I think you demonstrated the fact well with this character.
LIKE IT from me. Ricky.

Tue, March 11th, 2008 11:54pm


Thanks, Ricky!

Fri, April 11th, 2008 7:58pm

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