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An average man finds an old photo of himself and his friend. This is a story of a man looking for his memory.

First story! I could have written a bit more but my idea ran out. Looking for some feedbacks.
Hope you like it.

Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016




The sun was gazing silently at him just over a distant mountain. Through a grey curtain, the man gave back the sun an indifferent and blank look. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the mesmerizing light filled the man’s small flat. His flat was composed of a simple bed, a simple desk, and a chaotic mountain of clothes and books. He knew it was that time of the week again; it was another cleaning time. He was getting tired by the abomination of mess he made. 

The light started to dim out as the man cleaned his room and in that dim light, he found a not too old piece of photograph. It was one of those cheesy monumental photo of himself and a girl he used to know in the middle of golden flower bed. Ironically, he did not remember anything about it. Maybe it is because I have been working too hard, he thought. For the last 2 years, his life was quite simple, just like how average people lived in the country. He would wake up in the morning and he would be swallowed by a grey, tall brick until he was allowed to leave at night. However, until now, the man did not feel the need to rest. At least he told himself that he did not. As a result, he earned himself a month worth of unused day-offs which he did not consider important until that moment. He looked at the photograph again. The man turned the photograph around and found an address and ‘seeya!’ both hand-written. He suddenly wanted to feel that moment again.

It was morning again but he was wearing a casual cloth, not a regular suit he used to wear most of the days. When he called his boss and told him that he is using the holiday, the boss seemed to be rather happy. The boss was starting to worry about the man’s health and the boss was relieved when he heard that he was using his vacation. The man went past a park where one can actually found some real trees. Trees outside the park were mostly made of plastic. Actually, the plastic trees were looking more like a real trees than five years ago. It was cheaper to install plastic ones than to plant a real tree. He went into a tight parking lot. The man went into his car, started its engine and drove on to a highway. According to the address, the man should drive for at least a good three hours. Also, he noticed how rural that place actually was. 

About 30 minutes later, the man could see the whole city. Unimaginably high buildings were casting colossal shadows on some relatively dwarf buildings. The man noticed how impressive the city was, though he never did for the last two years. Although he cared about the city and its glorious pillars of the sky, he knew that its look was deceiving and it was only there to attract people into the city. Only one of the most important and wealthiest people were allowed to stand on the clouds. It was like a beanstalk except that nobody were Jack in this country. He turned on a radio. He heard a loud laughter of a popular comedian. It was one of those cheap entertainment, aimed at lower class and possibly, the man himself. He never liked that kind of entertainment, as well as the comedian and his immature jokes. It was specifically designed to make people forget about their harsh life and work conditions. Quite a a lot of people were already familiar to this fact however, it made no difference to people’s lives whatsoever.

After three hours of lonely journey, he found himself in front of a patch of forest. This is where the address directed him to. This is where he might be able to find her. And this, is where he might regain his lost sense of rest. The man parked his car and came out. The air felt different. The man thought it was because it was the first time he came out of his car in the last 3 hours. But, no. It was clearly different from the air in the city.

A narrow dirt path lead the man into the forest quite literally. Through the thick layers of leaves, rays of for the sky were showing him his path. The man was not comfortable walking on this path because of how the path was rough with rocks and fallen tree trunks. Since when he could remember, he has been walking on paths made by humans. Although the man-made roads were certainly comfortable, it disabled parts of his feet. Now the rocks were turning the switches of his feet back on. 

At the end of the path stood a simple white two story house. Some vines covered the wooden walls of the house just to prove how the house was. The man started to doubt that he can meet anybody here. Maybe it was just a foolish hope, to found his old friend again after 10 years. What was he actually thinking? What could he have possibly gained by meeting someone who might not even remember him? To be frank, he could have rested in his house, surfing through internet. As he reached the porch, he could see some furnitures on the other side of the windows of the house. He approached the window. The man could see nothing but darkness that blinded him. He went back to the door and knocked several times. Silence. He knocked again hoping to prove that his journey worth something. Nothing happened. The man was not too happy. He turned around and saw the grass, and the forest again. He could hear the air stroke the trees and the leaves. At that moment, the man saw what has been separated from him. Finally, he found it.

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