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the end of the world

Submitted: May 09, 2009

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Submitted: May 09, 2009



ROBOTS The mark five sat on the ridge, looking down on the busy space port. As it watched, it gradually became aware that it in turn was being watched. The mark five, turned it head slowly, its neck bearings produced a long drawn out groaning sound. The ancient robot beheld something small, about the size of it's foot, it had six limbs and was shaped a lot like a creature the mark five had seen a millennia ago, it accessed some very old memory files and came up with the word cockroach, yes that was it cockroach,
" Come closer little one."
The small robot came a little closer and said something, but the mark five could not understand its language. When no response was forthcoming, it raised a tiny dish like appendage. the mark five reeled as new information coursed through its system, ahhh, they had started using a new language, it happened every few millennia or so.
" Why do you only have two legs? ".
" Because i was made many eons ago in the image of the creators,"
" What’s a creator?".
" It was a race of non machine biological beings called man"
" Why were they called creators?"
" They were not called creators, they were the beings who created us."
" Where are they?"
" The last man died nearly a billion years ago."
" What is died?"
" They cease to function"

" Could they not be repaired or emplaced in a new frame?"
" Man was biological, he could not be repaired or emplaced in a newframe"
" What was mans function?"
" ahhhhhh, now that is a question little one, that even they had no answerto."
" What brings you to this place ?"
" I am from the local recycling plant, we detected your metals, metals here are in short supply."
" What do you need metals for, little one?"
" To build others"

" To what purpose?"
" We must expand and prosper"
" Why?"
" It is in our programming"
" Man created us to be his servants and gave us our programming, that we may endure and prosper, now that man is gone what is our purpose?"
" We must expand and prosper, it is our function."
The small robot backed away as though frightened, it contacted its supervising mainframe and uploaded its conversation. It was informed that this entity had been encountered twelve thousand years before. that it was dangerous and that it contained many viruses and corrupted files and to avoid it in the future, to continue its search for recyclable materials.
The mark five watched as the small robot left him to continue his vigil. The robots were leaving, sol, earths sun was soon to supernova.
The temperature had risen tenfold in the last ten years, to a scorching five hundred degrees. still at least the last of the moisture had bled off into space with the atmosphere and he had ceased to rust. The mark five was waiting to end, it had been waiting to end for a very long time, it had not been able to end itself because it could not disobey its programme, so it had decided to do nothing but sit and wait for the end. It had been waiting for five million years since it realized it had no function, it thought about the memory files it had exchanged within an even older unit, a mark two, that had actually known the creators and wandered what man would think of the race of machines he had spawned, they had reached almost three fifths of the way across the galactic disc, colonizing many of the planets on the way. The mark five wondered whether mankind would have been proud of their children, able to survive and prosper in any extreme of temperature or gravity, to prosper in any extremis, but with no art, no music, no literature, no function or drive but the two, that they had been given to expand and to prosper.
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