Charlie and His Friends

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story written in the first person by a dog about his rescue and his new family and pack.
It is a view of rescue from a canine perspective and is fantasy only in that dogs cannot talk or write.
It is based on all true stories and give you a perspective on Dog rescue.
It is sad and heart warming.
If you love dogs, you will love this story.

Submitted: October 06, 2009

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Submitted: October 06, 2009



Charlie and His Friends

A Story by Charlie

With special help from his friend Ricky

By Richard Multack


Chapter 1.


My name is Charlie. I am dog .This is my story. How I got here is a little unclear to me. You see dogs don’t think like humans. The last thing I remember, I was in the middle of eight lanes of traffic. I was frozen with terror to the spot. I think I was planning to make a run for it to the side of the road. I know my muscles sure were tense. The cars were whizzing past.  Suddenly two hands reached down and lifted me to safety from a certain death.

Jackie just stooped her car in the middle of the road and leapt out to rescue me. She was very brave. I was shaking and she held me and I knew I loved her then.

Jackie took me to Dr. Frank. Dr. Frank was amazed at Jackie’s courage. He examined me and said I had worms. I was way too thin. I was not dirty so he thought someone must have let me out of a car at the side of the road.  I was neutered and the next day I went home.

I guess that was when this story started.

Jackie lives with Ricky and a bunch of other rescued dogs. Ricky told me they have had as many as thirteen. Many have been the old and sick and unwanted. It is kind of like a doggie hospice or a home for special needs.

I was scared of Ricky at first. Ricky is a big man and his voice is deep and sometimes scary. I stayed close to Jackie for a long time. You might say I followed her around like a puppy dog.

The pack accepted me immediately. I have been alone since I was a puppy. It was nice to have a pack to call my own.

It wasn’t long before I realized that Ricky was kind and caring and loving. We have become best friends. He is trying to teach me tricks. I know some of it seems demeaning. I think it is just the way humans show they care. I think the stay and wait stuff is for my safety. He hand fed me at first to make me feel comfortable. In the morning he still does a little. I have slowly found my place. He makes sure I have my food and the other dogs don’t take it away. I am relaxed now. I play with the other dogs. Ricky gave me a toy.

Ricky gave me a secret Ricky name. We all have them. Mine is Cholo. Ricky says it means brave canine warrior. It makes me feel special.

I try not to play favorites and I love Jackie after all she saved my life. She walks me and gives me my worm medicine and hugs me. I wish I could remember what really happened to me before Jackie saved me, but I can’t. I had a collar with no tags. I did not chew my leash off. I am housebroken; in fact I am the best at not going in the house. I am a great jumper and I give good doggie hugs.

I like it here and I am happy.

 I hear them say that things happen for a reason. I don’t know what the reason is for this but I’m sure when I find out it will be good.-





You have to realize that I am new here. I am learning all about my new friends. Some of the pack has sad stories and some don’t like to tell their stories. I think my job is to tell their stories for them.



Chapter 2.


Pierre’s Story

Pierre is one of my new brothers. Dogs don’t have a sense of time like people but I think he is old and wise. Rickie calls him PePe and he is a miniature poodle. Ricky is teaching all the poodles French. He says after all it is their heritage.

Pierre’s story is sad but it came out well in the end. He does not remember when he was a puppy. He does remember that he was head strong Pierre though he was indestructible. I suppose all young animals even humans think that. His earliest memory is of scaling a 6 foot chain link fence at the vet’s office. He tells me the elation of being free. He was very pleased with his ability to escape. We dogs don’t tend to plan ahead. Soon it was night and dark and cold. Pierre was alone. He was sacred. There are frightening things out there in the night. He hid and next day found dirty water in the street. What could he do? Going back would be an admission of his poor judgment and fallibility. After about a week, he got hit by a car. I told you we do not have good strategic planning abilities. Now he was in pain and the lightening and thunder terrified him to the bone. His leg was hurt badly. So finally he had to let them catch him. It is a credit to the vet staff that they continued to search for him. It took two weeks but they found him. They could not save his leg. In time he could move about like any other dog. He endured the tripod jokes but his family did not want him anymore.

Eventually he was adopted by a family. The husband was abusive to his wife and Pierre. Pierre came to hate men. One day the man in a drunken fit of rage blew out his brains. Flashing lights and sirens and lightening and thunder still terrify Pierre. Now that he is old he does not hear it well. The deafness brings him peace.

Another nice lady adopted him but she got divorced and had to give him up. Jackie took him in with his little toys and packer blanket. He would not come near Ricky. It took him 3 months to realize that Ricky was kind and that he loved Pierre. Once they bridged the gap they became great friends. Once on the way to the dog park Rum Sam’s Rottie chewed Pierre’s leash. When they got out the leash broke. Such was the respect between Ricky and Pierre that Pierre did not run away but stayed by Ricky’s side. Pierre is a kind and nurturing dog. He looks after the well being of the other members of the pack, Ricky calls him Dr. Pierre because he is always trying to clean the other dogs’ ears and groom their fur. Pierre in his old age ate a pom pom. The pom pom blocked his gut. He got really sick. Dr.Frank fixed him up as good as new. For awhile they thought they were going to lose him. Pierre is well and happy now.

 Pierre has cataracts and once when he hurt his back leg, Ricky gave him baby aspirin and carried him outside to do his business and helped him till he got better. Sometimes on those loud rain filled nights Ricky hold Pierre till the shaking stops. Sometime I see Ricky look at Pierre and cry. I think he is thinking about when Pierre is gone.




I have not told you much about me. Dogs don’t have a self awareness. We don’t see ourselves in the mirror. Ricky calls me handsome. I heard them say I was a terrier. I seem to be bigger than half the dogs and smaller than the rest. I guess I’m just right.




Chapter 3.


Sweet Pea’s Story


Sweet Pea is a long haired Chihuahua and much smaller than I am. Jackie rescued her from a shelter. When she came home, Ricky said, she did not like him. Like most of the new arrivals she followed Jackie around and she still does. The first time Ricky picked her up she bit him on the lip. Ricky thinks a man must have kicked her around. She was and still is very afraid of Ricky’s feet. One day Ricky looked at her and said, “como estas, Miha” and she began to wag her tail and came to him and licked him. To this day he speaks Spanish to her and she loves him. Her secret Ricky name is Miha. Sweet pea is near the bottom of the pack. Ricky makes sure she is included and that the other dogs don’t hurt her. Jackie loves Sweet Pea the most.





I don’t know what color I am. Dogs are color blind. Ricky calls some of the dogs “Blanco” and he said that means white. My legs look about the same as Sweet Pea and she is Parra Blanco that means white girl dog. I must be white. Ricky says Sweet Pea is the beautiful Chihuahua princess. I think a princess is a girl. I have no problem understanding boys and girls.



Chapter 4.


Danny’s Story


Danny is Ricky’s favorite of the boys. Danny began his life as Denzel. He ended up in the shelter because he likes to bark. He especially likes to bark when he is alone. Jackie brought him home under her coat. He was wandering around the kitchen when Ricky got home. Danny was named after Jackie’s brother. Danny Jackie’s brother deserves a story of his own.

Soon after arriving Danny broke his leg. You cannot cast a dog because we do not have thumbs. Danny went to a doggie orthopedic doctor and his leg was plated. I have no idea what that means. He was in a cast for six months. He had to stay in a very small doll playpen. When Ricky got home each night he would pick Danny up and hold him through the night. That was the start of a long and close relationship. Even though Danny is well now, Ricky still holds him and carries him around everywhere. Danny is very noisy. Ricky keeps trying to convince himself that Danny is only two. I don’t know age but I heard Jackie say he was eight or nine.

Danny has nine lives. He broke his leg. He leaped out of a slowly moving car and was almost run over. He disappeared from the yard and they found him in the morning, he choked twice and Jackie saved him then. So far he has used up five of those lives. Danny’s Ricky name is Greywolf. He also calls him Don Diney. Danny likes to sit on the heating vent and he has an excellent indoor voice that he rarely uses.





Danny is smaller than I am. They call him a tea cup toy. He is not like any toy I have ever seen. I have no desire to chew on him. He must be grey, thus the name Greywolf. He likes to play. He acts like he is bigger than he is. I guess he has a big heart.

Danny fits perfectly into Ricky’s left arm, but then so do I.




Chapter 5.


Murray’s story


Murray spent his first year in a breeder’s cage. When times got rough they took him to the shelter. Murray learned to poop in the cage. He did not understand taking walks or using the dog run. He was a terrible chewer. Murray actually ate an entire cassette tape. Dr Frank got that out, he said it was a record (no pun intended). Murray has had a chronic ear infection for most of his life. Ricky needed to clean his ears daily and then put in drops. Murray became head shy and much less friendly. Ricky did it for 6 weeks and Dr. Frank just did surgery to redirect the ear canals. Dr. Frank has a special wing on his clinic paid for by Ricky and Jackie. Murray does not chew anymore. He is happy Ricky is leaving his ears alone. Murray loves to run. Murray guards us all. I hope he never has to fight Coyote. If he does I bet he wins.




Murray is way bigger than I am. He is also the same color as Sweet, Pea so I guess he is white. We dogs do not make social issues out of color. We give unconditional love and we do not discriminate based on race creed or color. In that way we are much more evolved than humans. Murray is the alpha male of the pack. He is a kind and good hearted leader. He rules by his size. I think one of these days I will challenge him for pack leadership. I may be smaller but I am crafty. I also don’t quite get this dog run concept yet.




Chapter 6


Lady’s  Story


Lady came from the shelter. She is a runner. Ricky says it is all for appearance at this time in her life. Lady is to fat to run fast or get far. Ricky says when she was young she would sit outside and gaze south. Ricky always wondered if there was someone she was longing to be with. He would say” do you miss little Timmy? “ And she would look sad. Lady was the Omega of the pack and Ricky had to protect her all the time. Ricky promoted her and she is grateful. She is the beta female now and she stays near Ricky as much as possible. I think she must be old because Ricky said she is the oldest member of the pack. Still when Ricky plays with her it is as if she becomes a puppy again. Ricky’s special name for her is Blondie, and she loves to be petted. She can’t remember where she came from anymore. Ricky talks about the adventures of chasing her around the neighborhood. She always seemed to run in the same direction. Ricky is too old and fat to chase her anymore. None the less he has put her on a diet. Jackie says Ricky could use one too. He looks ok to me. Jackie found Lady at the shelter in the same cage where she found her mothers dog. Coincidence, I think not.




Lady is kind of white.  If blonde is a color, I guess she is that. She is bigger than me. She is very aristocratic and I think she must be the queen of this pack. She does not pay me much attention to me but that is well and good behavior  for my betters. Danny tries to mount her all the time, and she is reasonably tolerant. He is after all way to small to reach his goal.



Chapter 7


Fluff’s Story


Fluffy was a breeder. When she could not breed anymore, she was put out on the street. She did not understand her new world. She wandered like Moses in the desert . Some kind sole picked her up and Jackie found her in the shelter.  She is sweet and good natured and never  wanders away. One night she waited patiently by the door until stupid Ricky realized he had left her out by the grill when he made dinner. Fluffy is a lover not a fighter. Her Ricky name if Fluffetta. Ricky taught her French and Spanish. She is a toy Poodle. That makes four Poodles one of every size. They make great friends and pack mates. Fluffy does not have a great story. She is just plain Fluffy. Considering some of these stories, it is a nice change of pace.




I think Fluffy is white too. She is a little smaller than I am. They call her a toy. Again I have that confusion. I thought toys were things to play with. When Ricky says go get your toy does he expect me to bring him one of the poodles?



Chapter  8


Lucky’s Story


Wow. Lucky is Ricky’s favorite. Ricky raised Lucky from a Puppy. Jake wanted a dog at school. Jackie took him to the shelter. Jake picked out the toughest most aggressive puppy from a litter of  eight. Ricky told them not to do it but they did anyway. Jake said why don’t you train her Ricky? Ricky said OK. Lucky was very assertive and tried to dominate Ricky. Ricky stood fast. Lucky had many a time on her back as they worked to make her a good dog. Lucky was very clever and tried to outsmart Ricky all the time. Some times Lucky succeeded and sometimes not. Jackie would sleep by the crate when Lucky cried. Then that dreaded day came. Jake called and said his girl friend was coming up to school and she would pick up Lucky. By this time Ricky and Lucky were really bonded. Ricky loaded up the crate and kissed Lucky good-by and he went inside and cried. One week later Jake called. “ You have to get this dog out of here,” he said. “She wants to go out at 6AM and she keeps waking up my roommates.” “Oh I am so sorry to hear that” said Ricky secretly smiling. Jake said “ when we get married we will take her back” “OK said Ricky, secretly thinking when pigs fly. They have been inseparable since then. Lucky ended up in charge anyway. She barks to tell Ricky when the pack needs to go out. She barks to tell Ricky when he is wasting time and not getting dressed for work. Ricky says “ Lassie did you check the well?, did Timmy fall in?” and  Lucky Smiles. Ricky sometimes calls her LOKI after the mischievous Norse god and sometimes bon chance which means good luck in French. Ricky worry’s most about Lucky and he hopes that dogs go to heaven. After all God spelled backward is dog.





Lucky is the alpha female. She picks on Lady a lot, Jackie hates that. Ricky says Lucky is a Benji dog. She is definitely not white. She is bigger than me. She treats me with respect. Sometimes she plays with me. Ricky said he once taught Lucky agility. He called her Sergeant Lucky after a science fiction story where the hero was a military super dog that protected her  charges to the death at the end of the world. He said Lucky tolerates him as the fool.



Chapter 9


Nellie’s Story


Nellie is Ricky’s new puppy. She reminds him of Lucky at that age.  She is feisty and aggressive and challenging. She is a rescue too. Jackie thinks she is part Dachshund. She is actually a Chihuahua. She is smart and learning very fast. Ricky fears she will be Lucky’s replacement. Sometimes he hopes he will go first.





So that’s my new home and  my new friends. The stories may not seem sensational to you, but I can assure you that in their own way they change the world.

Some people think we dogs are clever and nefarious manipulators of the human condition. They think we have talked you humans into caring for us and keeping us sheltered and warm.  They think we figured out how to get you to feed us so we don’t have to hunt.

All I can tell you is that we don’t think like you do. We are much more into the moment. We don’t worry about making money, or bigger and better things. We actually enjoy just being with you.  We don’t care if you are fat. We don’t care how old you are. You are, all we care about.  I guess all we ever want  is that you be kind and gentle. We just try to make you happy, I’m no rocket scientist, but I think we do pretty well.



This story is dedicated to all that have come before, those that are still with us including Rum, Dante and Bailey, and all that will follow someday. Mittens, Robbie, Winky, Tammie, Tweetie Twinkie, Rocky 1, Nellie, Tramp, Sweet Pea 1, Coltrane, Sadie, Gracie, Chrissie, and Rocky 2 (Rocky Hood) the only dog I ever had that played hide and seek.

October 6, 2009

© Copyright 2020 Richard Multackr. All rights reserved.

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