A fine line

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Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013







“I HATE YOU!” she shrieked, despising herself for letting him get under her skin once again. “The only time I ever see you is when you get hungry.”


“Yeah, well there’s a fine line between love and hate, darlin. And, if I remember correctly, you promised to love me till death do us part or something like that not more than a year ago. So I’ll have me supper as soon as you can get your fat ass off that sofa.” He smiled that brainless smile that could rot an orange.


“Where did a bum like you ever hear a thing like that? You haven’t read a single book since we were married and I’m damn sure you never got it from the sport’s page of the paper.”


“For your information, me pretty, I heard a group of college guys talk about it at O’Rourke’s the other night. They was having a kind of meeting to do with a course they was takin and one guy was quoting a German doctor who knows all about these things, Fred somebody.”


“Probably Freud, you ignoramus, although I don’t think it was him who said it first. And, it’s a lot of BS anyway. Hate is hate and love is love. The only fine line is the single brain wave coming out of your head.”


“Be that as it may, me love. It’s this single brain wave that pays for the groceries, the rent and all the utilities here. What do you contribute?”


“You must be mad? You won’t even let me out of the house. And, if I did find a job, what would I wear, this housedress? The only thing you’ve bought me since our sad

honeymoon is that stuff to get rid of the rats around the trash outside. You’re a lunatic!”


“And a hungry one. So get to it, me dear. I’ll be in the can.”


She watched him disappear down the hall and went over to the stove where the soup and stew were heating. She pulled the bright yellow box with the skull on it from beneath the counter and liberally added some of its contents into each. Her heart began to pound as she intoned softly to herself,


“Is this fine enough for you, Derek?”


Richard Torpey June 10, 2010

© Copyright 2017 Richard W Torpey. All rights reserved.

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