My Angel Renee

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A love poem for my girlfriend

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



My Angel Renee


Each night when I go to bed

I think of all the words I've said

And ponder on the things I've  done

How your love I had once won


Many tears I've made you shed

Too many sleepless nights in your bed

When all along I owned the key

To keep your love for only me


Now its me that sheds the tears

My life is full of empty fears

You say uncertainty prevailing

Caught up in all my mistakes and failings


My love for you has never faded

Lack of commitment, your feelings jaded

Baby steps, I moved too slow

I did that because I love you so


I wanted for us the best of life,

Messy details, cleaned before you became my wife

Now lost you are, trying to find you way

My mind consumed, what to do, what to say


Now is the time to use our voice

Together or separated,  its your choice

I am beside you, can you see

You are the only one for me


The love we shared, captured all my desires

Burned hotter than the devils fires

So my Angel we both must try

To grow our love, not let it die.

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