The gift of Talents

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There are people who comes into our life that inspire us in a level we cannot measure and sometimes it will makes us to become a new person, better than the old one. These people are rare to find, I am very fortunate enough that I met one of these talented people who have a gift that touches people's heart and been happy that this man used his talent in a proper way.
This poem I wrote was inspired by the optimistic outlook of life he has shared to me. Thank you so much for God of course for giving me such a wonderful friends and for him who inspired me, tonight.

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



The Gift of Talents


Oh moon high surrounded by the stars,

Close to the Orion where promises has written,

Hear thy God this young girl pleaded,

Asking if she is fortunate without beauty and wealth.


The world was so big too big to understand,

This young girl’s soul was thirsty and cannot stand,

Looking to nowhere shedding tears in her eyes,

Who answers,who will speak to feed her heart and mind?


Then at the dawn hope shine in her eyes,

The miracle of truth touches her heart,

A power that covers and lighted her path,

And discovered her talent  of her merry smile.


People didn’t realize that God gives us talents,

That are more precious than gold and silver,

Bible said He has given the church a gift,

The gift that was given to His children,


You and me, young and old, poor or rich,

He blessed us even before we had been conceived,

And cared  us in the womb of our mother,

God expect us to discover the beauty of life through this gift.


Where do you belong and what is in your heart and soul?

A man whose tongue is blessed and speak the truth,

Inspired the people and understand their needs of hope,

Is a gift of a preacher , teacher and a pastor.


A man whose eyes shows no lies shed the pain of sorrow,

A warm hand touches heart and soul to people,

A gift of love and heart of sympathy

Are the people who can advice, inspired and guide with spirit.


A sweet smile that eases  the angry wind and waves,

A warm and smooth voice that calm the worried soul,

These are gifts most people disregarded and never appreciated,

A good humor and make people comfortable is a talent, too.


You and me, your family relatives and friends have talents,

some are hidden some needs to be develop and some are already developed,

Whoever and whatever he or she is doing in her life don’t judge,

Don’t compare for people has different talent that what it makes unique.





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