You Won The Bottle

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3 years ago, I heard a sad story from my friend. The story was so sad that it makes me sad too, when I am home I wrote this poem for that story.
A lady who are badly in-love to a man who are got married to other woman.

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



“You won the battle”

  A sad loves story


The sun is shining in your eyes,

Your heart is singing with so much joy,

The world is cheering with your dreams,

You won the battle and now more than a celebrity.


Your hands are red just like your cheeks,

Your smile is more than twinkling jewels,

People keep on hunting with your kisses,

You won the battle the king is glad and happy.


Your dress is shining like your armor,

Your perfume is roaming around the whole world,

Everybody is shouting with your name and amore,

You won the battle people are satisfied and secured.


You’re now on my little mind baffling,

You make me feel the weight of the world,

You make my arms bleed and dying carrying you,

You won the battle and my heart still holding on.


I can hear you with my enemies,

You toes wines and eat same bread,

You damn forget my love is real,

You won the battle and now I must set you free.


You’re now celebrity people are talking and dreaming,

The king is glad and happy because you chose him,

The people are cheering with your wedding,

You won the battle and now I am dying with pain.


People are cheering and I am crying,

You kiss your bride and I am dreaming,

You say hello and I am leaving,

You won the battle and I have to say goodbye.

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