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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A look into my new project: The Rightful Heir,
What is it? A blog novel...

EDIT: New Character Page is out! READ READ READ!



What is it? \"surprise\"

The Rightful Heir is a blog novel/series. Think of it like a tv show but in writing,

I promise that you'll like it a lot.

And a noteable part about this project is the way you, the reader, can influence the story based on your

comments, suggestions and reactions!


Well, what the hell is the story about? \"frown\"


The blog novel/series is about the stories of a group of individuals in the fictional

land of Terre Nevolja (Land of Hardships).


In this land (not the city, not the state, the entire land) people

have been introduced to modernization but chose not to industrialize

and so, they kept to their traditions and customs.

What does this mean to you? Nevolja has Kingdoms and some of the modern things that we have...

that's right, it's gonna be epic!

Yeah, yeah. Just get to the story! \"no\"

Alright, the actual plot now:

The individuals find themselves struggling to survive

due to the extraordinary things they can do.

After accidently exposing themselves, they have to go into hiding when

King Deran II (simply known as The King) sends his Secret Service

to hunt down these threats and murder them on the spot.


Over on the monarch part of the story,

Drake Deran III , King Deran's son, has just found that his

uncle, Novak, and his wife have murdered The King.

Drake, however, cannot prove that they were the ones responsible, and as far

as the world is conserned, Drake Deran decided

that he would rather be king now rather than later.

Drake reluctantly takes the throne knowing full well that he's next

on Novak's hit list.


After finding out about The King's Secret Service and their mission to hunt down

people with abilites, Drake thinks he has found a solution to his predicament...


ALRIGHT! I'M HOOKED! SO WHERE DO I GO??? \"yes\"\"cheeky\"

I'll tell you where to go! Go here:



Whoa! Slow your roll there, chief.

The blog hasn't quite started posting your new favorite blog series yet,

the story will start posting on NOVEMBER 1ST 

Which is why I'm trying to get as much traffic into this project as possible 'till then.

But if you'd like to check in now and then that would be smart,

'cause I'm giving out new information almost everyday until the release date!

Do you have friends that like to read? How about a little push in this direction, huh?

The more people that contribute, the better the story, that's how this project is gonna work!

Awww! But I wanna read it NOW!

Okay, okay, you win.

If I get at least 50 people to either:

Press the "Like" button for The Rightful Heir's Facebook Page

Leave comments on the website

or demand it through any other means,

then I will sigh very loudly and start posting stuff until I get lazy.

So in order to read the whole thing after that point, come back to the blog on November 1st

Did I mention the project goes "live" on NOVEMBER 1ST?





Submitted: October 20, 2011

© Copyright 2021 RichGala. All rights reserved.

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