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Unrequited love ...

Submitted: January 28, 2012

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Submitted: January 28, 2012





Come and meet Domino, a sad, lonely wretch,

Whose life has traced doom from his first childhood sketch

Of his princess, her glass slipper that fate wouldn’t fit,

So he forced her foot in and then ignored it.

Eluded by his stagecoach, in a pumpkin he sits,

Will dear desperate Domino ever play his double six?


Domino regards the table as he looks for his match,

The eternal voyeur, will he ever cease this watch

With his eyes always yearning, desperate and forlorn,

A presence so singular, a man who was born

With the mask of a fool from the jester he borrowed,

His gaze always wistful and tainted with sorrow.


Dear, dear Domino, head tilted to oneside,

You mourn at the floor and then moon at the sky.

Another circle of play and it’s your turn again,

Will your knuckle hit the wood, will you knock again?

Your dots do not fit, is there something amiss?

Your tile screams eleven- just a five and a six.

You’re missing the dot to take your princess to task,

Perhaps there’s more truth lurking behind your grinning mask …


If you choose her, you’ll lose her,

If you pick him, you’ll reject him.

Do you know what you want, do you know what you are?

Are you scared of your face, your mask never far

Away from your truth that you’ve always suspected,

But fearful of fallout - this domino’s affected.


You’re the King’s courtyard fool acting your merry dance,

Just wanting to give love - and be loved back just once.

Who is your match, will they come in your turn?

Or will your heart forever ache and your soul always burn

For a spirit, your foil, will you ever be united

Or is your romantic destiny to remain unrequited.


© Copyright 2017 Richmaggs. All rights reserved.

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