Lost On Me

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After losing something special, one has to let all the resentment out before one can move on. All the kind words do not mean anything until you've come to terms with the loss.

Lost On Me

There’s a ghost in the kitchen as I brandish and chop,
Haunting my periphery, I glance and he’s gone.
I’m back at my stove and he’s back behind me,
This twisted romanticism is completely lost on me.


You walk through my mother who talks unaware
That you’re nesting and resting at her feet without care,
A deep sigh, a groan as your eyes raise to see,
That this wistful intensity is profoundly lost on me.


I awake with a start as I did around 4,
As your paws pad the floor and then scratch the back door.
For a moment it’s you and you’re talking to me,
This pitiful melodrama is now lost on me.


The scuff of your claws on the wood hide the truth
That these sounds are just sparrows on the conservatory roof,
Are you circling and slumping heavy eyes before sleep?
My cloak of resentment is not lost on me.


My anxiety heightened when I left you alone,
But contentment was mine knowing that she was home.
Now just fur in your box and ashes scattered in Norsey,
This hushed empty husk is not lost on me.


A yearning whine of pleasure that becomes a happy bark,
You nuzzle into my headlock to feel the security of my arms,
 I kneel and feel you circling, claiming, cleansing and loving me,
Now you’re gone but not forgotten and I’m lost alone with me.









Submitted: August 31, 2015

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You have captured those feelings so well.
When I lost my little dog last year,I simply couldn't write a word about it.Maybe soon I'll be able to.
In the meantime your experience really resonates with me.
I am sure I've heard her scratch at the door.

Tue, September 1st, 2015 11:01am

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