The Canine Equation

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What on earth could he possibly be thinking about??

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



The Canine Equation


Looking for sounds and listening for light,

Your huge clumsy feet look as though they just might

Betray your direction, cause fear and scare

Those in your path who stop and just stare

At your furry trunks that pass without care,

How can it be you’re so spatially aware?


The mystery of your mind is unfathomably dense,

Your life is so lazy it’s almost past tense.

Yet contentment is yours with a clear defined territory,

It puzzles me that this is your only priority.

You stare at the air, the middle distance is yours,

Do you see what I see or are there impalpable laws

That transcend my translation, is my perception so flawed?

Is my love superficial, merely cosmetic fraud?


As you scuffle and sniff and splutter and walk,

I can’t help but wonder what you’d say could you talk.

Would you tell me I’m wonderful, I’m all that you need,

Or do you just hang around on the promise of a feed.

Is your love unconditional, am I your God, do you care?

Or am I just the bloke who untangles your fur.

Do you want to discuss the spectrum of scent

Or speculate a thesis on the use of a fence.

We'll open a forum to debate, discuss and chat

About the arrogance and pointless existence of cats.

Your head cocks to the left, are you hearing a symphony?

If I could hear with your ears, would it be an epiphany?


You do as you’re told without much persuasion

As I struggle to decipher this canine equation,

Middle age has come quickly, you have seven to my one,

As I consider the ache in my heart when you’re gone.

Unlucky seven is dilated by time into line

And your lifespan appears to be the same as mine,

The odds court broken hearts as I know I’ll outlive you

There’s no blame at your door and no need to forgive you.

Shall I stop asking questions and enjoy you in your prime

And take pleasure in our life with a love so sublime.

So stick around my big bear ‘cos it’s only half time,

I’m grateful for the happy ending to this meandering rhyme.







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