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Jimmy sees an ad in the paper. It reads: State Fair - Enjoy the Exciting Time with Games and Animals!!! He gets the idea of going to the fair. He did before and really liked it, why not again. A great story for beginning readers!

Submitted: October 15, 2009

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Submitted: October 15, 2009



Jimmy woke up to a nice, sunny day. When he got the paper from the street, he saw an ad on the front. It read: State Fair - Enjoy the Exciting Time with Games and Animals!
This gave Jimmy an idea. It`s sunny, warm and is as beautiful as ever! Why don`t he go to the fair. He had gone before, why not go again?
He got into his car and drove down the roads. Made it to the fair just as it was time to open!
Bands were everywhere while people were coming in. Band styles of all types: Christian, Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Country and many more. It was loud and awesome!
But Jimmy went to what he mostly enjoys first... THE RIDES! They were his favorite thing about the fair. The lines were still small and quick!
His favorite ride was the Swings. He loves flying in the air and this ride gives him a great feel of wind running against his skin.
After riding he went to go get some of that fair`s yummy food! Turkey legs, burgers, fries and more. After ordering, he went to eat his delicious food.
While he was eating, he saw one of his close friends, Fred. They had been friends for quite a while now. He went up to him.
``Well hello stranger.`` he told his friend. His friend turned around. One he saw him, he smiled showing his teeth.
``Oh, hello Jimmy! What brings you to the fair again?`` Fred said with a farmer's accent.
``Just thought it would be nice day to visit the world again.`` Jimmy answered.

They decided that maybe they should hang out together for the day. So that`s what they did.
They watched the animal contest for whose pig is the fattest and whose pig is the skinniest.
There was a Christian band that was playing that Jimmy and Fred both liked. So they listened to them for a long time.
Finally things were settling down and both Jimmy and Fred went to get some ice cream and talk about how much fun the day was.
It was about closing time. Fred and Jimmy gave their last goodbyes and went to their cars to drive on home.
When he made it home, he got out a journal and started writing down about all the fun he had today with Fred and himself.
It was now dark and Jimmy was really tired. He got ready for bed, laid down and went straight to sleep.

The End

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