The Truth Untold

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Well its the secret that I am keeping from my x gf

Submitted: May 25, 2007

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Submitted: May 25, 2007



I really still care

I cant seem to keep you from passing in my mind

The thought of you keeps me hoping

That you will change your mind

And say you still want to try

Many things have happened

Things I said I would never do

I slit my wrist for the first time

To try and cover up the pain

Of losing you

I told people I was over you

But all the long I have been thinking of you

As the blood was pouring it seem to take form

It shows me that I truely loved you

As it begins to heal

Someone from my past

Comes walking down the road

She craps me by the hand

And wraps her armes around me

Not know that I had cut

Untill a week later when she sees my arm

I finally break down to the point of no return

Till I ask her out

But behind the scenes I think of you

And I begin to cry

So I say goodbye

Untill the day I will write of happy times agian

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