Help Me, I Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
a poem written long ago

Submitted: November 11, 2008

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Submitted: November 11, 2008



Grounded like cow,

deep into my saddened cavern

as though my belly were a bears

full of fish

that once swam purposely, vibrantly

until I became hungry

churns a crocodile's tears

of awareness called:

Fright of Infinite Denial.

Hot fear, white and piercing,

sears a haunting melody

into the base of my brain.

So sneaky, reviled yet admired

for it is so clever in it's approach

Stalking pretty pain

as though I were game majestic,

fenced and presented.

I had not any a worthy realm

in which I could pretend or hope to escape

it's coming.

Like a beer bottle, plundered into an unsuspecting skull,

it shatters with splintering precision


from the feel of joyous destroying

every butter like dream that is owned by a child.

Once we were all children, I remember.

© Copyright 2020 Rielle Vobi. All rights reserved.

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