The life that no one ever knew.

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I wrote this to the people who thought they knew me.
This is my first ever time with poetry so i'm sorry if it dosent make sense to any one but me.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



New girl I was,

You don’t care, you just judged

Before I even gave my name

They all think the same.

I may not have the your designer tag

but I hurt to

My feelings don’t lag.

I care for my friends

The ones that will hold me up until the end.

Will I end this?

Or will you?

You judged before you even knew.

I have stories to,

But you don’t care,

So I don’t share,

No wall to protect me from you

You chomp you chew

On others that you barely knew.

People ask why I’m so shy

And then I lie,

I say I’m fine.

You say you never told me that

But you never asked

I still get chosen last,

You don’t see my cast.

It holds together my broken soul

Beyond repair

I still don’t share

You taunt and tease

But your getting d’s

Who holds the keys?

To this crazy world

You’ve called me lazy

When I get dazy.

My memories get hazy

When they speak of my past.

To my mother that I still don’t know.

Why is it that you never show?

You say I’m coming

But you lie to me

Is this the fee

That I pay for something

that was done by past life me

Now I just lay

and here I will stay

Until I find purpose.

My friends want my sympathy

But I don’t even have what I need.

How can I share

when I have nothing to spare.

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