hold on, let go.

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it does this to you.

Submitted: June 07, 2010

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Submitted: June 07, 2010



hold on tight! hold on, hold on,

lose complete sight, there it goes, it goes,

why can't i hear? no no!

nor can i breath any longer,

give me pills to be stronger, please! i need this back

ive gone completely wack!

no, i will not agree im in need, nor do i agree your in the lead.

im winning this fight,

yes, yes! here comes light.

will the dark be gone? must i wait till dawn?

i kind of enjoy this..excuse me miss?

anyone there? hello? hello?

this just isnt fair! how i do so so much, to be gone of a such.

what did i take? no need to even fake,

i feel oh so numb, to others i seem so dumb,

but IM the one to grin,from my little sin,

yes, i no longer feel the pain, that tend to put me quite insane,

ha! whos the fool now, you see? sure as hell not me!

now rest my love, rest. rest.

let me see the rising of your chest.

all the madness will seize, i promise it will.

just needa chill baby chill!

i hear thy voices, calling to me, eyes wont open..cant see.

am i going down now? is hell my new home,but how?

i did so much wrong, i see, i see.

or is it god that i hear? forgive me! down goes a tear.

i thought i couldnt feel pain after death?give me more! more, more meth!

knock me out cold! do as fucking told!

no! no! stop it! you and your fit!

you little bitch, this is your choice, you had to speak your goddamn voice,

i could lie, yes i could,

say you wont die, you say i should?

like i said, its a LIE!

die bitch, die!

no, not yet!



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